Sunset Sunday – Sunset on a Rooftop in Flores, Guatemala

walking out to enjoy the rooftop

I grabbed a few bottles of the local beer Gallo, and a bag of crisps (potato chips) and headed back to my room. I decided to take in the sunset on the hotel rooftop.

I selected the hotel when I learned about  it’s rooftop and the stairs (no elevator) to the third floor were not a problem after climbing the pyramids of Tikal. I had the sole room on the top floor – room 301.

The rooftop was essentially an extension of my room. Open to all guests, one night I shared it with two couples, but this night and this sunset I was alone. I was alone with my journal, a pen, the beer and the bag of chips.

a rooftop looking at lake Peten from Flores in Guatemala

I snapped this photo from sitting in my chair, the green one. Enjoy.


Happy Sunset Sunday

Stay adventurous, Craig


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  • Rahman @ Travel News

    What an idea! I’m sure that experience on the rooftop isn’t comparable to many other similar settings. These sunsets are some of the most memorable moments of one’s trip.

    Rahman Mehraby