Sunset Sunday – Two Evenings in Carlsbad, California

One of the highlights of any visit to the left coast is the sunset. During my November travels I watched numerous from the beaches of both California and Mexico. Such lovely images captured and such lovely memories enjoyed.

On the trip I scheduled a two night stay in the coastal California community of Carlsbad. In a vacation rental with beachfront balcony I enjoyed a connection to nature. I watched  seals and dolphins swim by , birds migrate, and of course witnessed sensational sunsets.

One the second evening, I can remember snapping the image with a smile. The light, clouds, color all so different from just 24 hours earlier. It  reminded me of the sunset on the Chobe River when a fellow passenger asked me, “Why do you take the picture of the sunset? It always looks the same.”

Does it?

sunset in Carlsbad, Cailfornia

the 1st afternoon sunset. day 1

Not to me, I believe each sunset is different. Each time a different moment and a different memory.  And on back to back nights from the soft sands of southern California I snapped these images.

sunset in Carlsbad, Cailfornia

the second sunset... day 2.

Different colors and clouds, but both very beautiful. Happy Sunset Sunday.

stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Kirsten

    I think that’s one of my favorite things about being a “sunset watcher”…it never gets old because the scene is always changing but it always inspires!

  • Sarah Wu

    Beautiful sunset again!

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