Fall Foliage – Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Sometimes you have a moment. A connection not easily described by logic or reason. You really just feel alive, in tune with everything.  One.  Whole.

I tend to find these majestic moments while watching the sunset. In those moments, I take the time to appreciate the day, to listen.

Such moments occur for each of us at different times. Mostly, I find, at times when we pause. When we take a needed breath and appreciate our surroundings.

One such moment happened as I watched the fall foliage in northeastern Pennsylvania. On a walk to the lake I planned to take in the view, but received much more.

The view of the Beaver Lake

As I approached the dock, I started to notice a silence. The day changed. Snow flurries began to fall. The cool moisture in the air almost warmed the scene.

snow flurries began to fall....

I decided to continue to the bench at the edge of the dock and sat in complete bliss.  The pureness of the day, the snow, the scene overtook me. An hour passed.

the bench

When I finally rose, I was re-energized with a deeper sense of meaning, priorities shifted, a new day began. A better day.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of a three-part series on fall colors that will include Vermont, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Hope you enjoyed it, now go and enjoy the changing leaves.

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