Sunset Sunday – Upstate New York

A family reunion took me to upstate New York this summer. To be honest, I held little appreciation for my state outside of what I knew. Growing up, New York consisted of Long Island and the city. And when people mentioned New York – well that was New York City.  Ignorance might be bliss at times, but you can certainly miss out on so much of the beauty in the world with such an approach. Thankfully, I learned this early in life.

To witness this beauty, I keep an open mind, travel and (yes) stay adventurous. And this approach teaches. It educates.  In fact last week,  Melissa mentioned this in her SunsetSunday (guest) post on New Jersey. She wrote,

catching the travel bug a few years ago, and learning to see the world through the eyes of a traveler, I’ve realized how much the state of NJ really has to offer.”

Exactly. When you travel you gain a deeper appreciation about where you are from and I am from New York. Yes, I love NY (the entire state).

So at a joyful and emotional family reunion, meeting cousins for the first time in 19 years, we conversed, tasted some of the best local corn, grilled steaks, and downed a few beers.  America at its best. And all day I took pictures of the park grounds, my family, and the food.  Yet, I knew I needed one more shot. The perfect ending to the day.

sunset in upstate new york

the cows didn't seem to love the sunset as much as I did

When we parted ways with a promise to not wait so long next time, day descended into night. Driving the back roads in rural New york, the sunset’s colors brightened the sky. Eventually, I found a clearing and pulled over. I reached for my camera, exited the car and took this image. The farm, the cows, and the sunset. A different New York for me, but a New York I truly appreciate.

Happy Sunset Sunday.  Welcome to Season 3 of 2010.

stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Emjay

    Rural NY is the ONLY NY. I use to camp up there with the 1st administration…. same thing goes for Pa. Even though I was born in Philly, I’ve never liked cities! Do Lancaster County, Pa if you want to see REAL rural life with a cultural shock!

  • stayadventurous

    Hmmm… you sound like you’d be someone who would enjoy three weeks traveling through Africa… Thanks for chiming in.

    -stay adventurous, Craig

  • Jade

    Totally agree- when you start looking at the world through the eyes of a traveler, you’re own city takes on new meanings. How it connects and varies from other places I’ve visited, makes me appreciate my city more.
    Great photo of everyday life shot in a beautiful way!

  • Maryann

    Being born and raised in New York City as a youth I never saw live cows. Always loved the city but never experienced the country. Your article reminds me that there is all kinds of beauty in our world. We just must be open to see it.

  • stayadventurous

    @Jade Yes, it is so true. You really learn to appreciate where you are from (and perhaps at times where you wanted nothing more than escape from) when you travel. Also, thanks, I’m glad you liked the photo.

    @maryann Yes, open minded is the best way to travel and really the best way to live each moment. Well I think so. Thanks for sharing your memory.

    stay adventurous, Craig

  • Sarah

    I totally agreed with you. One of my previous post was about visiting upstate New York. That it’s not just about New York City, there is so much to explore in upstate too. I stumbled to a really beautiful underground Cavern there. So much to explore and unforgettable.