Sunset Sunday – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I began my RTW (round the world) adventure in Central America. The trip truly transformed me as a person and also as a traveler. I discovered Becoming, ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life) during my days in Costa Rica and continue to hold that with me.

As much as my favorite pacific place on the journey was Santa Theresa – Mal Pais, no sunset could hold a candle to any experienced at Tamarindo. After a day of surfing, fighting (and losing to) the locals for the few quality waves in December, I usually retired to a beach-front bar to witness the moment.

With my journal, pen, and Imperial cerveza with a glass of ice, I eagerly awaited the sun’s descent as the sky was illuminated with magical colorings of robust reds and magenta. One afternoon I took my camera (now ancient technology) and snapped this photo.

What I penned that evening helped kick-start Sunset Sunday, and Stay Adventurous. It was one of those life changing moments. A magical moment indeed.

sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

the sunset of Tamarindo can change a man...

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Julie Broadbent

    Wow! What gorgeous colors. I really want to experience Costa Rica!

  • Kirsten

    I can’t believe you’ve been sitting on this image this long! You should have started Sunset Sunday w/ this. It is truly one of the best sunset images I have ever seen!! And that includes my own work. *WOW*

  • Kasey


  • Conrad

    What an amazing sunset. Beautiful picture.

  • Chairman

    Can’t wait to get there next week! Thanks for firing me up for it!

  • Dialoha


  • Matt

    What a beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michaela Potter

    Tamarindo is where Michael and I went on our first trip together! I had a pre-planned surf camp experience booked before I met him. And just a few months into dating, he tagged along. Of course one of my requests was that he bring a backpack, not a wheelie bag. Looking back, Briefcase to Backpack was already in the making :)

  • Chairman

    Just got back from an unbelievable week long trip to Costa Rica! First to Arenal where we rafted class 3 and 4 rapid on El Toro River, Rappeled down waterfalls and zipped 800 feet above the rainforest below. I was super proud of my wifey, who is full fledged staying Adventurous in 2010……PURA VIDA!

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  • Andi

    BEYOND gorgeous, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charu

    This is really incredible! You know, a similar sunset started my adventures too– in Greece. You are a great photog, Craig. Thanks SO much for sharing this

    • craig zabransky

       A great photog, wow… thanks that truly means a lot. I appreciate your comments, and share your love with Greece. I plan a sunset about from the Greek Islands to make the series shortly.

  • Brendan van Son

    Great shot man. I prefered Santa Teresa much more as well. Actually didn’t really like Tamarindo, but did meet some nice people there. Your shot could sell that place in a second though!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Brendan, I appreciate it. This image might help me sell the calendar of sunsets I want to create one day (or year) Stay adventurous, Craig

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