The January Anniversary

Today, I’d like to toast to the year that was and the year that will be. Please join me for a sip of that bubbly.

...a toast to the new life.

Last Year

One year ago this very day, (Jan 5th) my freelance writing career took center stage.  No more moonlighting. I wish I could tell you it happened solely by choice, or that I was completely ready, prepared or that I properly planned, but I cannot. In fact, sometimes we need to be pushed.

My troubled consulting firm downsized its ‘Wall Street’ consultants and after ten years of service (minus my yearlong travel sabbatical) I was let go.  Released.

It became time to write a new chapter in my life and take on a new role. No more corporate chains or corporate comfort. Opportunity knocked. It became the time to fully realize my dream –  travel writing.

And I did. The last year I traveled, wrote and focused on expanding my network. In the end I met loads of amazing fellow travelers and bloggers, I published stories from my travels in the US, Mexico, South America and Asia and in all created a new me. A better me; the real me.

Here is a small sample of some of those stories:

Mazatlan, Mexico

Bogota, Colombia

Cancun, Mexico

Bali, Indonesia

The new year.

Now that I tasted this once thought to be forbidden fruit, I must continue forward. Mystic teaching reminds us that once you reach enlightenment you can’t go back and in fact you feel a need to take action.  I am not sure I reached any such nirvana, but I am passionate about my new career and ready to take more action in my second year fulltime. And with my anniversary so close to the new year it seemed appropriate to make my travel writing goals along my New Year resolutions.

So I expressed much delight when Briefcase to Backpack (present day: Meet, Plan, Go) asked me to post my travel resolutions along with fellow travel bloggers. As a fellow “career breaker” (I took off nearly a year in 2004-05 to travel) so it seemed a perfect place.

My goals remain posted on briefcase to backpack with other travelers and summarized below.

  • Start my new personal travel blog (done) and website titled  – stayadventurous
  • Continue to freelance write for travel related blogs
  • Travel to 1 new continent; 2 new countries; and at least 1 new US state
  • Get published in print for a major travel magazine (before they all disappear)
  • Publish a novel I write or ghost write
  • Expand my photography portfolio and publish a photo for $ (not just credit)
  • Secure other revenue sources related to travel such as: assisting Indie travel magazines, overseas freelance consulting projects, or even some tour guide – teaching travel related work.
  • And of course…Encourage others to ’stay adventurous’ in mind, body and spirit. To inspire them to take and make adventure in their life

Tonight I toast and taste the cava; tomorrow I start year two. Travel. Writing. And Adventure all await.

Stay Adventurous,


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  • Kirsten Alana

    I’m humbled and amazed you linked to the HH story on my blog instead of CF. But then, that was your better written story in that it was more passionate and truly “you”. Less corporate.

    What a great start!!! A toast to you, and accomplishing every one of those goals you’ve set for yourself and to adventure!

    • stayadventurous

      Thanks, and no reason to be humbled. Not so much less corporate, but yes perhaps more me. Plus great photos.

      stay adventurous,

  • Michaela Potter

    We’ll hold you accountable in a year’s time to have made your resolutions! :)

    • stayadventurous

      Great. Glad to have someone keeping me accountable.

      stay adventurous,

  • overlandtraveller

    Hi Craig,

    Looking forward to reading more from your blog. My NY resolutions are pretty similar to yours, with the addition of learning Spanish.

    Here’s to a 2010 full of success and happiness, and of course, Travel, Writing and (overland) Adventure!


  • Carolyn Burns Bass

    Great meeting you last October in Mazatlan. Will look forward to traveling with you again in 2010. Cheers!

  • Jennifer @ Approach Guides

    Very brave to put your goals out there for all to see! You have a great plan and already have accomplished so much that it will be impossible to fail.

    Good luck! We look forward to tracking your progress!

    Cheers (I will later raise my own glass of cava to your success) :-)

  • Maggie

    Your career change is inspiring Craig! Following your dreams takes courage but there’s no better way to live. You are inspiring us all to take and make adventure in our lives!

    Here’s to a great 2010 where you reach all your goals and more!

  • TravelDesigned

    Craig, that is quite a list!! I wish you well with your goals.
    I may not be able to pay you… but, you will always be an award winning photographer to me –HUGS :)

    To see some of Craig’s award winning photos:

    • stayadventurous

      Thanks, you may not be able to pay me now, but perhaps someday when you (or someone you know) need photos from Mexico you’ll know where to turn.

      stay adventurous,

  • Gavin

    Craig you are my hero!

  • Erika Frye

    you are amazing! and right up there with all the other amazing people who took risks and followed their hearts instead of society’s. I just had a talk with my mom about turning my hobby of photography into an actual career, and she doesn’t really support me on that, even though I have people requesting my work. Her generation was taught: graduate school, find job, make family, retire, die. Boring! lol Life is a masterpiece in itself and with so much life to live and explore, why sit inside four walls for 9 hours a day? Thanks for the inspiration! You Rock! :)

  • Lynne

    Congratulations on breaking in, breaking thru and following a dream… it’s such a hard thing to do, changing one’s life, even if it’s for the better. Found your blog on some AOL page but thrilled to have done so!!

  • Randi


  • lamps33

    You are doing what so many (including myself) dream of doing! Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Kirsten

    I’m not sure how or why, but the “Hocking Hills” story link seems to be broken. The correct link is

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