Hello world, Happy New Year

2010 begins....

As part of my New Year’s resolutions for 2010, I decided to start my own blog.

So, welcome to “Stay Adventurous.”

My travel writing adventures began in 2004 when I starting journaling on a trip to China as a global consultant. Then in 2005 during a near year long travel sabbatical, I published my first piece on the web. Officially, my career began.

But through all the years of moonlighting and now as a full time as a freelance travel writer my stories only graced the pages of other travel blogs and websites. I didn’t have my own home. Plus, I  always received the question, “Do you have a blog?” Encouraging at times as I suspect they wanted to read more.

Well in 2010 my answer changes. Now I say “Yes, I do.” (and a website is not too far behind)

So let the games begin. Let the stories unfold. Let the journey continue.

Stay Adventurous,


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  • http://visible-images.com/blog Kirsten Alana

    Can’t wait to see what 2010 brings and what adventures you will share! Happy to see the official blog beginning!

    {and yes, I suspect people ask because they want to read more. that would be my thought.}

  • Aadam

    It’s good to see you setting out on your publication. Looking forward to reading great things about the travels and the resulting adventures. Keep it flowing!

  • http://briefcasetobackpack.com Michaela Potter

    Will be sure to follow along and can’t wait to see how things unfold!

  • spags

    Nice work Craig. Good to see the true you coming out and you loving life.

  • http://twenty-somethingtravel.com/ Stephanie

    Welcome to the blogging club! Excited to see what you come up with.

  • Conrad

    Looking forward to your next article about some new and interesting adventure. Good luck and happy traveling.