The annual Stay Adventurous Travel Calendar returns in 2017 with a new focus.

After three consecutive years of sunset calendars, based on the Sunset Sunday Series, this year I decided to base the calendar on the popular podcast segment the Stay Adventurous Mindset Moment.  It not only inspires us, but also reminds how we can shift our mindset and make each adventure even more memorable.

the 2017 Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment Calendar

the cover image for the 2017 Staying Adventurous Calendar
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With 20 episodes since creation, the Staying Adventurous podcast holds a segment to enable listeners to not just gather details aobut the destination (or theme) presented in the monthly episode, but also get a takeaway, a travel souvenir, from my travels to use on all adventures. It’s a lesson and something to allows us to see all destinations and adventures differently.

2017 Staying Adventurous Travel Photography Calendar

The months and destinations are as follows:

  1. January:      Santorini, Greece,
  2. February:    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  3. March:         Singapore, Singapore
  4. April:            South Padre Island, Texas
  5. May:             Puebla, Mexico
  6. June:            The Adirondacks of New York
  7. July:             Savannah, Georgia
  8. August:        Quepos, Costa Rica
  9. September: The Missouri River in Montana
  10. October:      Marathon, Florida (Keys)
  11. November: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  12. December:  Palenque Ruins in Chiapas, Mexico

The 12-Month Travel Calendarincludes inspiring images from across the States, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Central America.  I selected 12 images from my adventures to showcase the destination and also represent the mindset presented during the destination’s podcast episode. Each Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment is detailed on the calendar with its corresponding podcast episode number (ep 00) to allow you to locate any mindset moment you want to discover in greater details. will contain each mindset moment rerecorded to highlight See all my destinations and details at the Staying Adventurous Podcast page.

Also, COMING SOON, you can listen to all the 12 presented mindsets in the new audio book expected to be released later this month. The book, The Staying Adventurous Mindset moment; a collection of travel travel takeaways from the road,  will contain rerecorded mindset tips in a new order to allow you to plan, enjoy and reflect on all your travel plans. See all the details on the Staying Adventurous Audio Book page.

This calendar makes a perfect holiday gift for business colleagues, co-workers, clients, Secret Santa exchanges, family, friends, and also for yourself. Order the the 2017 Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment Travel Calendar and experience the Magic in Changing your Travel Mindset.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

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