Sunset Sunday in Florida, Destin For An Unbelievable Sight

There are many places around the world where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Whether that be from the base of the Himalayan Mountains or among palm tress in the Florida Keys, sunsets are certainly beautiful. What’s more is the sense of tranquility you get from spending an evening watching the day come to an end.

While I was visiting Florida a few months back, I had the pleasurable opportunity to visit Destin over the course of a long weekend. I spend the day walking from shop-to-shop and the nights enjoying the nightlife. However, you can guarantee I spent the evenings sipping a glass of wine watching the sun go to sleep from the beach!

view of Panama Beach city at sunset

One evening, in particular, I found myself aboard a pontoon boat in Destin Florida taking a short tour of the coastline. The vast array of colors painted a mural across the evening sky that took my breath away. Meanwhile, the dolphins leaped alongside our pontoon boat playfully. There was no way I would be able to choose what part of Destin or even which sunset I enjoyed most.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit, I have to recommend spending as much time as possible at the beach (especially if you live more inland). You’ll truly appreciate the experience altogether but the sunset…well, the sunset is really out of this world – it is unbelievable.


Happy Sunset Sunday.

Ron Robbins is an adventure travel blogger and content marketing specialist based in San Antonio. He has a decade of professional writing, editing, and SEO experience working for companies such as Gilligan’s WaterSports in Destin, Florida.

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  • Travel Italy

    Totally agree that sunsets in Florida are amazing. There are some evenings when it is hard to believe that the sky can be so colorful.

    • craig zabransky

      Definitely agree, it is why so many sunsets from Florida appear in the Sunset Sunday series. Stay Floridian, Craig