An Islamorada Fire Dragon Sunset for Chinese New Year

As I type this on a brisk Sunday morning, I feel blessed. Not just blessed to miss the cold (it’s in the 50s here) but blessed as my new place in Islamorada is just steps from the Florida Keys sunset. Steps I can walk every day.

Yes, each evening (not just Sunday), I can walk to the beach to watch and witness nature’s colors and creativity with its end of day magic – the sunset.  The chance to discover a sunset that is always different, always beautiful and sometimes unforgettable. I often share the moment through my social media accounts @stayadventurous, (vine, instagram, twitter – follow along), but other times I just appreciate them even without my iPhone. (I know crazy 😉

the Islamorada Sunset in the Florida Keys
More Islamorada, Florida Keys Sunsets

I promise to share more Islamorada sunsets in the Sunset Sunday series, but I am limiting myself a few (a year) from my new location as the series is for sunsets around the world. But, why this one?

Well, it’s beautiful yes, but I selected this Islamorada sunset because on vine someone said the clouds look like a bird.  Then friends and family mentioned it looked more like a dragon. A dragon, I thought – perfect timing.

Happy Chinese New Year

I know it is the year of the Monkey (starting tomorrow February 8th) but the dragon, well that’s iconic China. But let’s welcome the charming monkey, a fire monkey, and also welcome a year of amazing fiery sunsets too.

Happy Sunset Sunday, Craig

Travel Tip:

Regardless of beliefs, one thing I learned (and confirmed) from my adventures abroad is that there is a knowledge, a wisdom, available to us all and each culture accesses it in different ways. One way is reading the Chinese horoscope. Here is what the year of the Monkey has in store for us > Year of the Monkey > It’s positive.

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  • Bharat Parihar

    Beautiful, Craig! Such good fortune!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Bharat, good fortune favors the prepared mind… some Chinese wisdom for you. Stay beautiful, Craig