The 5 Postcards from Adventure in the Adirondacks of New York

Let’s play the word association game, when I say “Adirondacks” what do you say?

“Mountains?,” or perhaps “Chairs?”

After an adventure filled week across the Adirondacks of New York, I discovered much more. Some new words that come to mind now: Fly Fishing, Historic, Guide Boats, Beer, and Castles?

Let’s discover why as we look at through lens of my “the 5” series and view 5 new postcards from the Adirondacks

Stay Memorable: Fly Fishing the AuSable River

There are many ways to access the water in the Adirondacks, canoe, kayak, or even a pontoon boat for a sunset on Long Lake. But another way without just diving in to swim is to fly fish.


Returning to Lake Placid already put a smile on my face, but with the chance to fly fish for the first time, I couldn’t help but circle the activity on my itinerary as my top pick for this adventure through the Adirondacks. For years I’ve wanted to try fly fishing as the dream began on the rivers and streams out west during my first cross-country road trip twenty years ago. But the famous west branch of the AuSable River is where I’d cast my first fly.

Special Ttanks to Ken Kalil, and Orvis sponsored guide at ADK Wild Life for teaching me technique and making the moment memorable. Although I didn’t catch a fish, my story did make Lake Placid News with Blog’s Eye View, that’s not a bad start. Check me out wading and casting in the water.

Stay Historic: A Visit Fort Carillon at Fort Ticonderoga

Part of the present day Adirondacks dates back to New France. In fact, Lake Champlain the waterway Fort Ticonderoga was established to protect and control was named for the first French explorer to claim the area in the early 1600s – Champlain.

Firing Muskets at Fort Ticonderoga in Upstate New York

The site of fort, later renamed Fort Ticonderoga by the British, was originally selected and established by the French in the 1750s. This summer the fort is celebrating the year 1756 so everything was styled French from the coats, the shoes, the muskets, and even the cafeteria lunch special of pea soup, was French in design.

After the musket demonstration, I followed the French garrison to enter the King’s Garden. The beauty and impressive garden allowed visitors to see how the land was used well after American Independence.

Stay Taking Flight: Sampling Craft Beer

Part of the trip concept was to “eat,” for #EatPlayLoveNY, but really It may have been better served if it was labeled drink. We kicked off our adventure touring soon to be officially designated Adirondack Coast winery region with visits to three wineries, Amazing Grace, Vesco Ridge and Elfs Winery and there always seemed to a craft brewery to visit and enjoy.


This flight of beer from Raquette River Brewery, displays the colors available, but I found the IPA (India Pale Ale) and Double IPA worth ordering second servings. And those extra helpings certainly made me smile and say, yes “I love New York.”

Another Brewery to visit in the Adirondacks is Paradox Brewery. Take a view at my extra long flight there on vine > here.
Stay in Character: A Guide Boat Uncovers the Adirondack Soul

No story is a good story without good characters and the same can be said for a place. There is certainly beauty in the Adirondacks and history can be explored learning about its specific guide boats, but it’s the characters I met that make the place and allow visitor to uncover its soul.

Creating a Guide Boat at the Adirondacks Museum

If the soul of the Adirondacks can be found in its Guide Boat, it is the people who put it there. Watching a real creation (shown at the Adirondack Museum), the Guide Boat held a unique design to allow the guides to pick up the boat and easily walk it from stream to stream or lake. But as much as I admired the boats, the words with the crafts(wo)man confirmed, its the people up here. The people make the place.

Stay Storybook: Visiting a Castle.

The 1000 Islands sounds like the setting of a fairy tale adventure and there are actual castles to prove it.

Boldt-Castle in the 1000 islands, Alexandria Bay, St Lawrence River

this was just the fun center, part of the castle grounds

This image isn’t even of the main castle, it was just the power source for the castle. Yes, Boldt Castle is an impressive place.

At the turn of the century with many of the wealthy from New York built holiday homes on these islands, and George C Boldt broke ground on a castle. Although never finished, it is now being operated for tourism by Thousand Islands Bridge Authority where the money made returns to help restore the castle to its original plans. Actually, come to think of it, the walk through does provide a chance to see what a real life American fairy tale is like.

Want to Receive a Postcard?

As a postcard collector and sender, I often consider “the 5” series a postcard type sample of my adventures to a region or city. I attempt to tell a story through the images and showcase highlights of the region and the adventure.

Now, after this trip, I have a few extra Adirondack postcards to mail. So, if you want to receive some mail, let me know in the comments and I’ll reach out via an email for your address and will send a little mail your way. If you can’t wait for mail, but want more than 5 story telling images of the Adirondacks, definitely visit my instagram feed under #StayADK.

Stay Sending Postcards, Craig

I was a guest of ROOST ADK on my trip through the Adirondacks, but as always, the opinions shared are my own.

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  • The World Wanderer

    I say mountains! Then I’ll take a chair as long as there’s a beer in my hand. What a fantastic adventure we had, and I’m so glad we got to experience it together…for a second time! Great photos and moments you captured.

  • Cailin

    I agree! It really should of been #DrinkPlayLoveNY lol I think the Paradox Brewery was my favourite as well. I had a lovely time traveling with you again, lets make it not so long next time :)

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