Postcard-Mexico’s Golden Treasure

Mexico offers many treasures to its visitors. The list is endless. But one of its true golden treasures remains accessible to all- the corn tortilla.

freshly made corn tortilla from Mexico

On a morning walk through the “pueblo magico” (magic town) Creel in Chihuahua I stumbled upon a Maseca; a place where corn tortillas are made early in the morning (usually 5am-9am). It’s here the local restaurants and families purchase their larger quantities.

The smell made me walk inside where I noticed stacks of them hot of the press. I immediately asked to buy one. She provided me one with a touch of salt.  No charge. I remain thankful. Gold, Jerry, Gold.

Stay adventurous, Craig


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  • bill

    Craig–you made me hungry

    • craig zabransky

      Nice, Stay Hungry for Mexico amigo…

  • The Wondernuts

    I love mexican food. But, I think I prefer flour over tortillas. My mom used to make corn tortillas. But, I just can’t get past buttering up a flour tortilla. Tastes so good.

    • craig zabransky

      I prefer the corn, especially when homemade, but I agree butter makes everything good. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Sandra

    That lookes so good! I´d love trying that out for my next trip 😀


    • craig zabransky

      Definitely do… you will not regret it. stay adventurous, Craig

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