Sunset Sunday – Salkehatchie, South Carolina

This past April, I visited the lowlands of South Carolina for the first time. There I spent 3 days and 2 nights in the five counties known as the Salkehatchie region. I must admit I did enjoy myself.

In a place where mobile phones rarely get reception you can really disconnect from the face paced world and truly connect with nature.  A plethora of birds call the area home including America’s bald eagle, plus you’ll find wild boar in the forest and alligators along the rivers. A trip provides a great chance to see the wild.

And amidst all natural beauty you’ll find artists. Numerous painters display their work at the local Arts Center for viewing (and for sale).  On evening around sunset I noticed this particular painting by a gentleman who always wears a hat to serve as his halo.  He goes by the name Saint.

salkehatchie art center painting by Saint of a sunset sail

setting sail at sunset is always a wonderful idea

So colorful, all his work, but this particular painting caught my eye. I thought it perfect for Sunset Sunday. Enjoy.

Stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Kirsten

    What a beautiful painting! I’d buy a print of that. “Saint” seems interesting as well. Image is so fitting for SS. When I was in NYC at the MET, I saw an amazing sunset painting and it struck me then (although I really knew it already) that paintings can be just as breathtaking as a good photograph.

    Glad to read two stories now about Salkehatchie. Sounds like a wonderful little slice of the South!

  • Saint

    Thanks so much. Glad your adventures led you to our part of the world. There is something about the water and humidity here that makes for some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere. I paint a lot of them and try to instill some of the glorious feeling into each one along with each one’s uniqueness. Thanks Kirsten for the lovely comment.
    Peace, Saint

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