the Five Photos of Glasgow, Scotland

Many travelers don’t visit Glasgow when touring Scotland. Tourists or travelers spend time in Edinburgh, the Highlands or the country’s western isles. But in skipping Glasgow, do they miss out?

Perhaps this will help you decide, welcome to the next installment of the five, and enjoy five photos of Glasgow.

George Square

George's Square in Glasgow, Scotland

The cultural center of Glasgow, George Square was named after King George III who laid out the plans in 1781. The popular place today for most visitors (the double decker bus tour actually stops twice in the square) served as an important square all through history. Today, it houses the capitol building and holds much of the 18th century charm remaining in the city.

I happened to visit the square for the first time just prior to a sunset. During my time, the sunset in Glasgow was difficult to find, but I had a wonderful time searching.

Inside the GoMA

the GoMa, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow, Scotland

One bonus in Glasgow is that all the city museums are free. The GoMA, the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, located just off George Square,  offers a great look at many of the region’s top artists pushing the boundary of art for the next century.

The multi-floor museum can be a great way to spend a few hours during some inclement weather, especially when walking the city. Driving in Scotland and in Glasgow it is neither easy nor recommended.

A Pint at Bothy in the West End

a pint at the Bothy in Westend of Glasgow

I normally saved the Whiskey for after hours

The West End of the city came recommended to me, and I would recommend it to you. It is perfect for an  afternoon stroll, lunch and some pints. The youthful, trendy vibe from the local university coupled with some with traditional places creates a most enjoyable city scene.

For lunch I headed to the Bothy based on the recommendation of VisitScotland, and I truly enjoyed more than my pint. Thank you.

People’s Palace on Glasgow Green

people's palace on the Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland

always appreciate fountains

Glasgow takes pride in its green places. The industrial and edgy city boasts one of the largest collections of green spaces and the Glasgow Green in the East End of town was one of its first. Remodeled through the years, today the space holds the People’s Palace which includes a Conservatory Garden.

I smiled when walking around the Doulton Fountain. Designed to give tribute to Queen Victoria’s Reign and commissioned for her Jubilee, I recalled how America was no longer part of the British Empire (Canada, India, South Africa, and Australia each were a side of the fountain) but more visitors are impressed with the use of terracotta for such a big project.

The Rise of a Modern City

buildings along the Cylde River in Glasgow, Scotland

seeing modern next to historic is commonplace in Glasgow

Glasgow holds an industrial past. People made fortunes here, but the common man seemed to live a simple life, not a life enriched by the arts or architecture. Some believe the scene in the city has changed, others still think it remains a harder place to live and love compared to other parts of Scotland.

Perhaps it is the more “practical” and less “idyllic” for many, but like every destination, it holds a charm.  And alongside the Clyde River, a place any walk of Glasgow must take you, I noticed this image of both modern and old. To me that was Glasgow. Although I don’t know its past, It seems to be creating a new modern world right next to its old world.

stay adventurous, Craig


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