The Seafood Blues of Cape Town

After the Camps Bay cocktail and then watching the  Atlantic Ocean sunset, I walked back down the oceanfront street to return to Blues for dinner.

its Blues

The place recommended by the hotel concierge, provided a clean, open air setting, a vibe for great seafood. The open kitchen provided full view to us watch the chef prepare each and every dish.

Looking at the menu, we decided on the seafood platter for two, even though we were four. The early appetizer and late dinner time, couped with a few cocktails, we wanted a light meal.

But, even for two, the course filled up four. We dinned on lobster, calamari, mussels, fish fillets, and assorted sides of fries, rice and steam vegetables.

the platter for two?

Tip: Sometimes order less and enjoy it more.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This is fourth installment of the Culture Through Cuisine Series and the fifth of  five posts on Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, this post is part of the All Africa All April (Almost)

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