Sunset Sunday – Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

As an American, the Atlantic represents the sunrise, the Pacific, the sunset. But when one travels east, you can witness the sun set on the Atlantic. Although technically, my African adventures would not mark my first sunset on the Atlantic Ocean, (e.g. sunset in Sebastian, Spain), it would mark the first time I really thought about it.

After a day at leisure in Cape Town, I made sure I positioned myself with amble time to catch a sunset in Camps Bay, the glitzy part of Cape Town. The neighborhood, part South Beach and part southern California provided more than an amazing sunset, fantastic seafood offerings, and grand cocktails. It provided a sense of sunset adventure.

sunset of a tandem parachute in Camps Bay Cape Town South Africa

it takes two...

That evening, a tandem parachute sailed directly across my line and I took this photo. Apparently, in South Africa you can watch the sunset from the sky and land on the beach just as it descends out of view from the horizon. Something to put on the bucket list for certain. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Sunset Mindset

The sunset offers us a chance for adventure, but it also is a time to share with someone special. This image made the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar in April, with a simple reminder, sometimes the sunset is best shared.

Order the 2015 Sunset Sunday Calendar
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Stay adventurous, Craig

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