Sunset Sunday – Land of the Green and Gold, Wisconsin

Lambeau Field

Stephanie and I often talk Tequila and Mexico. We  both share a love for the country and its spirit. Actually it all began on #MexMonday where everyone tweets deals, information, stories – you name it – about Mexico. It makes Monday a happy day for all.

We also have other passions. And as the Green Bay Packers made their play-off run I discovered one of hers, the Green and Gold. She tweeted, celebrated each and every game. So, when the Packers won the NFC Championship, I asked her if she wanted to provide a sunset image from Wisconsin in support of  Green Bay.  She  said yes. Happy Super Bowl Sunday edition of Sunset Sunday.

A sunsets from Wisconsin; will it set on the Packers or Steelers today?

stay adventurous,  Craig

Stephanie is the owner of TravelDesigned, a travel service designed to add service, value and experience to your travel. Also, you can find her on twitter @traveldesigned and read more about her adventures at Lambeau field here.

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  • TravelDesigned

    Thanks Craig, for the pleasure of sharing the beauty of Wisconsin sunsets on Super Bowl Sunset Sunday. On Wisconsin license plates it says America’s Dairyland, if you look real close in the photo you just might find some cheesey goodness :)

    And yes, I do love my Green Bay Packers
    Go Pack Go!

    • CruiseBuzz

      Awesome! I love the passion. I also think it is an amazing photo.

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  • Jim Fuerrio

    I am SO excited for this superbowl. I think Tom Brady is in it to win it! A lot of jokes comes his way but I can’t hate the guy. He’s an amazing quarterback. Even the name “Tom Brady” screams quarterback lol. The only QB with a better name is Colt McCoy. Anyway, This is going to be a really exciting game and I am thrilled for the rematch. Good post. :-)