Alagua in Mazatlán’s Golden Zone

Just up from the golden sand beaches of Mazatlán’s zona dorada (golden zone)  beach goers can sit down and enjoy the food and cheerful ambiance of Alagua. Ceviche, oysters, scallops, shrimp and the local huachinango fish fill the menu. It’s seafood, seafood, seafood. And it’s delicious.

On my visit, our large table ordered most everything off the menu. To taste it all sampled off each other’s plate. We may have just met, but we never minded trading bites. We were all serious about our food, and serious about trying it all. Trays of ceviche to all the different ways you can cook a shrimp, we ate it all.

the view of the beach...

Couple that with a fishbowl size margarita or a bucket or el Pacific cervezas and we arrived. It was now official, all of us were enjoying Mexico and enjoying Mazatlán. A beach view, fabulous food, refreshing drinks, what else can you ask for?


Well, if you have room, then yes, take a peek at the flirtatious dessert bar. A young waitress will come to the table with a tray of delicious options and be sure to tempt you into trying one. As I recall many of us did.

The beachfront meal remained one of my favorites from the entire trip. We tasted more than food that afternoon. We tasted vacation and we liked it. Every bite.

Tip: Zarandeados. Although not on the menu, I asked for my shrimps cooked Zarandeado style. (they offer huachinango this way). It is a blend of spices and steamed in tin foil. Make sure you order fish (or shrimp) prepared in this manner on your trip to Mazatlán. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Zarrendado - a must try.

Stay adventurous, Craig

part of the group posed on the beach for a photo

This is the second installment of the Culture Through Cuisine – Restaurant Week Series and the fourth of five posts on Mazatlán, Mexico. Additionally, this is post 9 of 13 in the Winter Series – Beach Thursday. Also, a special thanks to GoMazatlan for lunch.

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