The 2nd January Anniversary

Today I celebrate two years of freelance, or as I see it, two years of freedom. This January 5th marks two years since my last day employed in the corporate world.

When I reflect back on the two years, I smile.  And it’s a big smile.

a look through the glasses of 2011

So now looking forward just like last year with my January Anniversary (2010) post, I decided to publish my goals for the new year. Well, here goes ….

Travel Goals:

exploring NYC's other Boroughs

  • Visit a New US State and a New Country. Last year, I visited new countries and a new continent (Africa). This year its a new country and new state.
  • Explore New York City. It’s no secret I love New York City.  However, I often find myself planning trips away from the city. This year,  I want to plan a few trips inside the city (all five boroughs) and write about them too.
  • Create that Bucket List. I know many folks have opinions on a “bucket list.” But I know there are places I want to see, experiences I want to have.  I may not do everything, and that’s more than ok. I just want to make a list and start ticking at least one off each year.

The Stay Adventurous Site:

  • now that's a T-Shirt I want

    Publish 150+ posts. I never set a “# of posts” goal in the first year of Stay Adventurous, but I published over 110 posts. That’s an average of just over 2 posts per week. This year, expect three.

  • Monetize Stay Adventurous. Don’t worry I am not planning to sell out. Never. But you may see related advertisements and an occasional sponsored post.  Also, expect my official product line to debut. Who doesn’t want a ‘stay adventurous’ T-shirt?
  • Provide “Stay Adventurous” Tips. In many of my stories, I deliver a message in my words. A message designed to change the reader’s thinking. Well, this year, I will not just hint at them, but spell them out in specific tips.

Writing, Photography, Consulting. (Services)

one of my favorite photos of 2010...

  • Work for a Fee, Not for Free. I am putting a value on my work. All my work. My writings, my consulting, and especially my photography. Last  year I did not provide an abundant amounts of free work, but this year I don’t plan to do any.  I don’t consider this political stance as much as a statement of, “I want to work with publications and people who value my work.”
  • Published in a major Magazine. This didn’t happen last year, but I decided to carry the goal over to the new year. With “11” as my lucky number,  this is the year.
  • Use Existing Experiences. At times, I tend to focus on the next trip, the new adventure. This year, I plan to spend more time using what I already have. My travel knowledge, network, stories, and photographs.

Fun and Creativity.

a true South Carolina gem.

  • Support and Embrace the Arts. I’ve considered myself an artist ever since I decided to leave the corporate world for a more creative career. And this year, I plan to support other artists even more. Trips to museums, plays, art galleries, book readings, etc… I want to  spend time in this creative world. It’s both comforting and inspiring.

  • Get Saucy. To not just write about cuisine, but learn more. I consider myself an above average chef, but a true novice on sauces. I plan to learn how to make at least 12 new savory sauces.
  • Improve my Salsa (dance) Skills. Some might say acquire, but I have made a few appearances on the dance floor in Mexico this past year. But no matter, I plan to take a few lessons to (re)learn the fundamentals. Some structure will only help my creativity.
  • Well that’s the plan. A bold year? Perhaps, but I’d like to consider it staying adventurous.

    I wish you all a Happy New Year and want to share a toast (tequila flutes work for me) to all of our dreams for 2011. Hey, Eleanor Roosevelt eloquently told us, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  I believe in mine, do you believe in yours?

    stay adventurous, Craig

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    • Lily Leung (Explore for a Year)

      Hi Craig,

      Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary out of the cubicle! January 1 marks 9 months of my 1 year off – it’s a bit scary to think about what I’ll be doing when 1 year hits, whether I’ll look for a similar job as before, continue traveling or do something all together. Seeing your goals and reading about your multi-year journey definitely helps me have faith things can work out.

      Lily (@LilyLeung on Twitter)

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks Lily. I took a RTW trip in 2004-05 and returned to my job… but I wasn’t the same, it then took me 3+ more years to leave again… but this time its for real. 2 years and counting.
        stay adventurous and explore for another year, Craig

    • Christine

      Can definitely relate to trying to find publications that value what you do–it’s hard, but you have to take a stand! Cheers to 2011, best of luck!

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks. This year, I am not making it hard, either they value it or they don’t. They might not accept my pitch, that’s understandable, but not valuing it = canceled subscription. Ah, my resolution bravado.

        stay adventurous, Craig

    • AudreyDez

      Congratulations on this 2 years anniversary!! It’s amazing! I’m confident on the realization of your 2011 goals and wish to you to best of luck! Stay adventurous of course!:)

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks Audrey, I appreciate the support and confidence. Yes… stay adventurous indeed.

    • pam || @nerdseyeview

      I’m always amazed by people with such clear goals, such complete plans. It’s a great thing and I honestly don’t know how anyone does it — I’m continually knocked off what I think might be my path by things that I wasn’t expecting.

      Still, RESPECT for all this, even for rollover goals, because I’ve got no doubt you tried to get there and that, really, is all that counts.

      Happy New Year.

      • Craig Zabransky

        The goals come from my consulting background… also, I once read, if you write goals down you are 3x more likely to achieve them, if you share them 10x more likely…So, I am just improving my chances.

        And yes, its never the destination, but the journey… and this has been a great one. Happy New Year to you too.

        stay adventurous, Craig

    • Cara Gourley

      No Joke. I would buy a Stay Adventurous T-shirt.

      • Craig Zabransky

        No joke at all, you will be able to buy one this year. And don’t worry stay adventurous comes in all sizes…

        Stay adventurous, Craig

    • Mark

      Congrats Craig on your 2nd year of being away from the dreaded rat race! Obviously, you’re plugging away at what you want to do with success, so keep going strong & the best of luck to you! A Happy & fruitful 2011 to you my friend!

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks Mark. It’s much easier to work harder, when you love your work. Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward unmasking more of Mexico myself in 2011.

        stay adventurous, Craig

    • Tropical casablanca

      Congrats and I love that you are putting value to your work! You are a valuable commodity and should be paid for your talents. Clear goals and dreams always come true!

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks, I definitely appreciate your value system.

        Stay adventurous, Craig

    • monica

      Hola muchas felicidades por tu aniversario espero que cumplas todos tus deseos para este año que comienza,ojala pronto visites Mexico muchos besos y un gran abrazo.

      • Craig Zabransky

        Hola Monica, Que tengas un buen ano nuevo… quiero agregar una otra meta (goal) – Voy a regresar a DF (Ciudad de México). abrazos.

        se adventurero Craig

    • Andi

      Happy 2nd Anniversary and 2011!!!!!!! Good luck with all of your goals. :)

      • Craig Zabransky

        Thanks Andi,Happy 2011 to you too.
        stay adventurous, Craig

    • alisha

      yay! I hope you come back to Brooklyn – you’re not that far! I’ll have to take you around some of my favorite places.

      “Work for a Fee, Not for Free.” — so good. and something I’m having a tough time adjusting to as well. I love helping people but I need to make rent.

    • Craig Zabransky

      Alisha, I’ll be back in Brooklyn. I plan to do a story about each borough in 2011. Also, it’s not just for rent… but also for travel dollars. As I recall you have some outlined some fabulous travel goals in 2011.

      stay adventurous, Craig

    • Pilar

      Congrats Craig!
      Reading your goals I thought about a kabbalist teaching that says that the universe can help you get where you want only if you know where you are going. Seems that you have a very good idea so I believe you will make it again!
      Something to remember also may be that stay adventurous could also be about knowing that life will bring many surprises that for sure will be better that those you can imagine!
      Follow your dreams with certainty… they will come!
      A big hug

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