The Panoramic Views of Chopta offer Majestic Sunsets and More

The Chopta Trek provides a scenic journey into the arms of the Himalayas, where the landscape bursts into life with dazzling views and offers incredible scenic sunsets to mark the end of a magical day in India

sunset chopta india himalaya mountains

Visiting Chopta

Chopta is essentially an unspoiled location of forest and mountains located in northeast India on the Himalayas. Visitors come to take a Chopta Trek and navigate trails over 2,850 (9,400 feet) meters above sea level. Commonly considered, “the Mini Switzerland of India” because of its beautiful rolling lawns, thick woodlands and awesome panoramas Chopta remains one of the areas under the Kedarnath Wildlife sanctuary, allowing for conservation of this incredible land.

Nature lovers can appreciate beautiful and picturesque views that combine green valleys, peaks covered with snow and crystal sky.  This is unlike the India one sees when visiting New Delhi, Hyderabad, and sunsets are nothing like a sunset on Marine Drive in Mumbai. Here everything is natural. It is a photographers paradise.

What to do in Chopta?

Here are a few activities and travel tips for those adventurous souls looking to visit the Chopta Trail in India.

Appreciate the Chopta Sunset

The orange, pink and purple hues together with the golden orb that disappears behind the sharp peaks offers a unique view and a great memory for whoever will be lucky enough to see it. The wonderful scenic vistas at Chopta during twilight hour prove true the stunning nature of Himalayas. No matter whether you love hiking, nature, or you just want to relax in a beautiful place, there is little doubt you’ll never forget the last glimpse of the sun against the background of the Himalayas in Chopta!

Visit Tungnath Temple

In the midst of this natural landscape is the Tungnath Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The incredible structure is among the highest temples on Earth. The alpine meadows surrounding the temple provide a silhouette against the brilliant colors of the western facing sun and make the scene even more otherworldly. It remains a perfect place for seeking solitude and a great connection.

Summit Chandrashila

If someone wants to deepen their adventure, the trek to summit Chandrashila, begins from Tungnath temple. This is a special view along the trail during the setting hours, as every peak gets drenched by the dying sunlight with a summit of 3,690 meters (12,100 feet).

Camping in Reserve

sunset view chopta india himalaya mountains

Camping becomes an essential part of experiencing Chopta’s natural scene.  The weather is always cool at this altitude and this regions become a wonderland of white snow on meadows and trees in winter. In spring and summer, the meadows are flooded with the bright colors of flowers. Autumn also gives you a beautiful collage of warm tones. There is always beauty in Chopta.

Adventure Activities

The beauty of the region goes beyond the scenery, Chopta welcomes thrill seekers too. Visitors can book rock climbing and rappelling adventures.  Plus, traveling to this part of the world, the cuisine can be considered adventurous by many. One must discover the culture through cuisine with the local delicacies such as Mandua ki Roti, Aluu ke Gutke, and the indigenous version of Rajma. Yum.

Stargazing Opportunities

The night sky of Chopta is free from any artificial light and hence offers unobstructed view of the stars after the sun sets. The night sky shines magnificently with stars showcasing the natural marvels and allowing us all to wonder and why lies beyond the stars.

There is so much beauty in this part of India, hopefully you look to discover it in Chopta by taking a trek through this region.

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