Product Review: Tasting a Safe Catch this Summer

Summer cuisine is different than winter. We eat differently. We eat lighter because the days are longer, we get more sun and it’s hotter.  For me, I can recall having tuna fish sandwiches all the time growing up (with an ice tea) in the summertime.  Yet, in recent years I’ve steered away from canned fish in lieu of fresh caught fish in my local Florida Keys.  And I typically eat less supermarket fish because of sustainability concerns, mercury and other potential toxins.  I’ve dialed back on my tuna intake greatly, but have put tuna back on the summer menu with Safe Catch.

safe catch tuna

What Do I Like About Safe Catch

The tuna is non GMO, sustainable, mercury tested with limits well beyond the safety stands set by the FDA, dolphin friendly, socially responsible and more. . There are so many logos on its labeling it is hard to know them all. But it is great to know how much they seem to care about the environment and our bodies by only serving quality caught “safe” fish.

What Do I Love About Safe Catch?   

Tuna sandwich, icea tea, chips, pickle - delicious summer meal

Still love my tuna with an ice tea.

It is prepared through a slow cook artisan process. The make sure the flavors are kept – and honestly it shows.  It is all described in what makes safe catch better on how they process, cook and package their fish. So this is quality tuna, prepared for taste too. And it is a difference they say you can appreciate.  I can confirm I really enjoyed my tuna samples.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Safe Catch is higher priced product compared to the classic popular brands. Some have questioned are the other canned tuna brands similar with regards to mercury levels?  Essentially, they ask are we causing too much alarm around mercury levels in tuna and it is worth a premium in price?

I decided to read on and discovered a recent consumer reports titled, “How Worried Should We be About Mercury in Tuna” to understand more.  And although the data shows similar levels at times, I did take solace in the fact, Safe Catch – tests every tuna. So I do appreciate that.

 What Else Do I like?

tuna fish from safe catch used on romaine lettuce

makes a great snack too

The safe catch product offerings go beyond canned tuna. Yes, they offer pouches, but also offer specialty prepared tuna and salmon selections along with sardines too.  I’ve tasted both the tuna and the salmon and both with unique blends  and say this is something to place on your summertime menu, it’s delicious.  And if you enjoy the occasional tuna fish summertime lunch – you’ll love it too.

Safe Catch Fish Products

Final Thoughts on Safe Catch’

So cheers to a safe catch for putting emphasis on delivering a better, safer, and tastier product in the world of tuna fish and beyond. I can appreciate their focus on making sure consumption is safer and on preparing a tastier product for the consumer. If I am not staying adventurous and catching my own tuna, I now have a product for those warmer days when I crave a tuna fish sandwich again.

Stay Adventurous, Craig


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