Time for a Family Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

The fast-paced life, the lineup of tight schedules and fixing appointment dates in those monthly planners need some rescheduling to be done. It is time to create a holiday with your family as you storm your way to Malaysia’s metropolis Kuala Lumpur. Marvel the nuances of architecture and the spectrum of human zeal as you tour the Petronas Twin Towers with the Petronas Twin Towers Tickets. Surprise your budding marine biologists with Aquaria KLCC Tickets as you accompany them to the aquarium. Farm in the City situated beside the Damansara Puchong Highway breaks the norms of being a regular zoo where you can play and feed timid creatures like rabbits and guinea pigs. Do not let soaring high temperatures dampen your spirits quickly head towards the Sunway Lagoon water park. Test your limits of endurance as you take up various challenges at District 21. Kids get a chance to be professionals and can learn the tricks of the trade which can guide them to carve a niche for themselves at Kidzania. If you are a team of awesome foursome and thrill seekers, enjoy a day out at Skytrex Adventure and try “tree-to-tree trekking” .So guys what are you waiting for pack those bags and grab those air tickets as you venture for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

the petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

the Petronas Towers at night, photo by  @akabashiri

Petronas Twin Towers

The advance-booked Petronas Twin Towers Tickets are just a scan away as visit the Petronas Twin Towers. The Petronas Twin Towers are the crowning achievement of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The towers have eighty-eight stories and stand amazingly tall with a height of 451.9 meters from above the ground as well as five underground floors. The major point of attraction and what first meets the eye is the double-decker sky bridge and also the observation deck. The Sky Bridge links the 41st and the 42nd story of the twin towers and acts as a safety net against blowing winds. The Observation Deck lies on the 86th floor of the second tower which is at a height of 370 meters and features scaled-down models of the Petronas Towers. Petronas Towers are the brainchild of Cesar Pelli as the towers are the symbolic representation of diamonds shimmering under the sun with bewitching Islamic emblems.

Aquaria KLCC

Witnessing marine life from close quarters becomes reality with Aquaria KLCC Tickets. The aquarium is situated in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and is a short walk from the twin towers. Inaugurated in 2005 with a ninety-meter-long underwater tunnel .and is the residence of some five thousand lands as well as two hundred and fifty species of aquatic animals from different parts of the world. The voyage at the aquarium begins with the Evolution zone and reaches a crescendo at the Living Ocean. The evolution zone is the home ground of the Red-bellied Piranha and has teeth as sharp as a pair of scissors. The tank is also shared by the brown-banded Bamboo shark which is also called the cat shark. Jewels of Jungle zone is helmed by the Asian Small Clawed otters, Eclectic eel and Tokay Geckos who is a skilled climber and can climb any kind of surface.

Petronas Discovery Centre

Available inside the Petronas Twin Tower intriguing minds will want to visit this museum of science and technology which was conceptualized by the fourth Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and came into being in March of 1999. The discovery centre with its eleven galleries covers the fourth and fifth floor of the Petronas Twin Towers. If the sound of roaring engines of Formula racing cars pulsates in your heartbeat and then definitely try the Formula 1 or F1 Grand Prix simulator. If space is your ward forte learn about how astronauts work and live in space. The world of Chemistry can be fun and thrilling as you visit the Molecule Nano Worldor enjoy different theme zones like Geotime Diorama with its T-Rex and many exhibitions giving a detailed description of geology and oil reserves and Sparkz which is the gaming arcade of the discovery centre. Take a ride through the rainforest and across the oceans on the Dark Ride. Time to collect some souvenirs including tech and knowledge-based toys at the XPLORASI Gift Shop.

the skyline of the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

photo by indragunawan

Sunway Lagoon

Push the limit of fun with Aquaria KLCC Tickets just as you head towards Sunway Lagoon is a must-visit for families. The park has many theme parks including the one and only Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon Park beside the amusement, water and wildlife park. The Amusement theme park is full of thrills and shrills as the park is divided into two zones of Wild Wild West which is known for rides like the Niagara Falls Plume Ride and Colorado Splash and World of Adventure is known for Pirate’s Revenge which is a rotating pirate ship and also takes care of the royal Indian Bengal Tiger. The Water Park has some amazing water slides, especially the Congo Challenge where you get to experience the loops of an African Python or try surfing at the FlowRider. Take a twenty-minute tour of the Aldridge Mansion right out of Ghostbusters at the Scream Park. The situational scare is created with audio and visual effects. The Extreme Park is full of fun activities like bungee jumping, paintball, trampoline, and flying fox and go-karting. The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon has a total of fourteen rides which are suitable for all its visitors. Do not miss the “Great Slime Deluge “and enjoy being slimmed.


With the competitive world of professionals, one can sharpen those work ethics at an early stage with a visit Kidzania with the Petronas Twin Tower Tickets. This is an indoor theme park which gives the young the chance to role-play real-life jobs. Kidzania covers an area of eighty thousand square ft. and is located in Petaling Jaya. There are around seventy role-playing activities for kids. Kids can become firefighters and extinguish those blazing hot fires. Take due note of those cavities and stay away from candies as you adorn the role of a dentist. Put on those scrubs and become world-renowned surgeons who perform surgeries and save lives. The ambience takes a real feel with its office buildings resembling the real ones. So let dreams fly on the wings of our imaginations and we give a chance to further understand the professions of adults

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