Five Unusual Adventures You Need to Consider

Tired of repetitive, popular destinations ? Are you looking for a unique vacation or travel destination? If the idea of visiting a common travel destination does not appeal to you, then maybe these travel suggestions might help you. Many travel destinations offer an exciting and marvelous experience.

Here are 5 unusual adventures you haven’t even thought of.

Hike in Kyrgyzstan

Most commonly known as Kirghizia, Kyrgyzstan is a country found in Central Asia. It has a mountainous terrain and is home to the popular tourist spot the Burana Tower and Ala Archa National Park, one of the favorite hiker spots for trekking in Kyrgyzstan.

One hike is the on-foot trek along the pristine and beautiful Jyrgalan Valley. Another must hike is in Karakol, with  snow-covered peaks of Terskey Ala-Too mountains with a range of over 5,000 meters is a real sight for trekkers. You can also visit the glacier valleys ascending from Jergez to Ak-Suu. Kyrgyzstan’s terrains make it an amazing place for trekking and hiking and is incredibly under-rated and overlooked on the world hiking scene.

Staying in a Castle in Scotland

countryside scotland on the island of arran

from the road on the island of Arran

Experience history with style  and visit Scotland to go beyond Edinburgh or Glasglow.  Get hiking in the highlands and then stay in a Scottish castle vacation rental that will surely take you back in time or make you feel like some sort of protagonist in a magical world filled with stories.

One of the famous castle hotels found in Scotland is the Dornoch Castle Hotel located in Sutherland, an inspiring venue dated back to the 1400s. With award-winning chefs cooking at their restaurant it may be truly the perfect place for your romantic expeditions.

Travel on the Amazon River

A rewarding luxury cruise through the Brazil and Peruvian Amazon River can be fun and exciting. Just imagine going inside Mother Nature’s Cradle of Life on luxurious rainforest cruises, exploring several different countries at the same time . You’ll find this on the list of 20 things to do in the 2020s.

Such a voyage, full of relaxation and the amazing Amazon rainforest as your view can be truly rewarding. In just two hours by going through Peru, the most accessible path towards the heart of the Amazon, luscious greenery and astonishing wildlife can be found already.

Kala Festival in Albania

Dance parties on beaches and exploration beyond the pristine shores that’s what the Kala festival offers in Albania. The Kala Festival is the first international event in the country. Whoever says that Albania is not a good country to travel? The focus of having the Kala festival is to stop that stigma. A week-long festival that is being held every June in the upmarket resort town of Dhermi with hotel beach bars as venues, you can enjoy an uncrowded beach festival.

Float in the Black Sea in Georgia


Image by mulczynski from Pixabay

What makes the black seas of Georgia so unique from your typical beaches? Well, the typical beaches of Georgia are made up of seashores filled with pebbles and rocks that make it easier to walk with slippers or beach shoes.

Two of the most loved beaches are, Gonio, the most popular of all the black sea resorts and offering a vibrant nightlife with music and dancing and Kobuleti the serene and relaxing atmosphere for anyone who wants to just swim or sunbathe.

From trekking to amazon tours to serene beaches, there are a lot of unique places you can travel to. Just remember to enjoy your every adventure and then you’re good to go.




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  • Maggie Mistal

    Love these travel ideas Craig! You’ve got me dreaming of my next vacation.

    • craig zabransky

      I so agree…. some great options on this list. Do you have a top choice? …. The amazon river is near the top of my list…. Stay Dreaming, Craig