South Luangwa Sunset in Zambia

Many experts say Africa can easily lay claim to putting on some of the best sunsets on the planet, and they may well be right as there’s something magical about watching the sun go down on safari. The perfect location for our Sunset Sunday, and easily earning its title of, “one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world,” where better to catch of a glimpse of the setting sun than in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The concentration of animals and birds along the winding Luangwa River and its lagoons is among the most intense in Africa, game drives in this great African wilderness popular with visitors who want to capture leopards on camera – the wild cat one of the more elusive members of the Big Five.

the Sunset in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia for Sunset Sunday
I love this shot as you can see the vivid hues of yellow, orange and red starting to stretch across the horizon and at the same time a herd of puku antelope at rest on the plains. There’s a sense of anticipation about what it is to come, and according to one guest at the South Luangwa’s Wildlife Camp, that’s what makes Africa’s sunsets so appealing. It’s the very idea that this time of day is only the prelude to the drama about to unfold, and out of sight, somewhere deep in the bush there is no doubt a leopard waking from his peaceful slumber and getting ready for another night on the prowl.

Arno Delport, Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa

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