Sunrise in a Hammock at the Palm at Playa del Carmen

I decided to remain poolside and order another cocktail, I wanted to wait till the sun set to capture the golden hour’s light and the views from the rooftop at the Palm at Playa. After an incredible social afternoon including a live #Mexchat and before a delicious dinner at Plank, I just wanted to relax and take in the magic of the moment with my fellow hotel guests in the Riviera Maya of Mexico hot spot.

I did.

the sunset view of the main pool on the roof of the Palm at Playa in Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya of Mexico

Catching the Sunset by the Pool

Although, I know the sun doesn’t set on the Caribbean Sea from this side like a sunset in Cozumel, but I do know how to enjoy a Playa del Carmen sunset from prior visits. And now I’d enjoyed another this time at the Palm at Playa Hotel in the heart of Playa Del Carmen.

Watching the Sunrise in Playa Del Carmen

sunrise from the rooftop of the Palm at Playa in Playa Del Carmen

The next morning, I woke early with no alarm clock set. Apparently my body clock was set to see a rooftop sunrise. and I obliged. It wasn’t the sultry scene from the prior evening lacking many of the beautiful bodies I noticed the prior evening, but it certainly was a beautiful moment.

I walked out to see the sun rise from the water then feeling the warmth of the new day, I retreated to capture the rays of light heating the pool. Then I decided to even retreat further to capture the moment with (in) a hammock. The very hammock I’d spend the next hour listening, feeling, and watching the day begin in Playa del Carmen.

the sunrise in playa del carmen warms the rooftop of the palm at playa

the poolside hammock at the palm at playa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I spent the next hour appreciating the moment in this hammock

Travel Tip:

The Palm at Playa is well located in the heart of the action of Playa del Carmen. And even if you don’t rest your head here and decide to call it home as I did on this trip,  a rooftop cocktail is a great start to an evening out on the town.

Stay adventurous, Craig

The Palm at Playa hosted me during my recent time in Playa for the November #Mexchat. See all the details on here > Mexchat

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  • Bill Kaliher

    Oh man, you shouldn’t have posted this–wow I am ready to head south now–wonderful photos–really enjoyed them–bill

    • craig zabransky

      Yes, this is an amazing spot and was an amazing moment, a postcard and a reason to visit Mexico for sure… stay southbound, Craig

  • Ariel Urtaza

    You are a great photographer, loved your photos!!! If you ever come back to Playa del Carmen join our expats facebook group to get good advice on you holliday and share your photos and experiences. The link is and if you understand a little of spanish you might want to check we also share our experiences of trips and weekend activities in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. Cheers!

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