A California Starburst Sunset from Valley Center, CA

Visiting family has its moments, very special and memorable moments. You also find yourself visiting places you might not never get a chance (or choose) to visit. Have you ever heard of Valley Center, California?

After landing in San Diego, heading towards the mountains and not the beach almost seemed wrong. What was out there?  In Valley Center I discovered a place removed from much of the crowds of southern California, a crisp climate comparable to the Mediterranean, and yes, I still found a California sunset. A starburst sunset too.

Valley Center California Sunset

the sunset from the farm in Valley Center, CA

After watching the sunset, I sat down to enjoy the gas fire pit illuminate the darkening sky and felt its warmth as a cooler air descended down across the picturesque landscape. Yes, it can get rather chilly in California. Then with the first sip of a “local” (Californian) wine and toasting family, I decided maybe there is more to this California than its coast (and Joshua Tree).

Happy Sunset Sunday.

stay adventurous, Craig

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