Considering a New Tablet or Notebook? – Test Driving the Dell XPS

So I’ve been debating purchasing a tablet or a new slim notebook for a while. I even wondered, can I just use a “super-sized” smartphone? And do I leave Apple too? All good questions. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but now I am taking a look at the new Dell XPS Ultrabook.

The Dell XPS Ultrabook with 5th Generation Intel opened for business breakfast at La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

Dell XPS getting ready for a business breakfast at La Purificadora in Puebla, Mexico

With my decision, I wanted something to meet a few simple travel requirements; compact but with a quality screen, a “full size” keyboard but also touch screen, decent disk space to keep some photography and programs, but also a very lightweight product to carry easily and a solid battery strength. Could any product even fit my complete needs? Oh an wait, it needs to be sleek and stylish, too (always have to stay fashionable too.)

Hello Dell XPS Ultrabook

Dell, has the unique perspective of marketing to be creative consumer types and business clients. Can they put something together to make my business savvy meet my traveling and adventurous lifestyle? Would it meet most or even all of my needs?

Well they believe they have in their Dell XPS 13 Laptop with QHD display and at first look, here is how is responds to my “demands” on paper.

  • a stunning 13.3 inch display on a 11inch size laptop.
  • full size keyboard with touch screen
  • weighs just 2.6 pounds
  • high performance with a 5th Generation Intel Processor
  • an incredible and tested 13-15 hour battery life (yes, a long battery life)
  • 256 GB of space
  • sleek design
the Dell XPS Ultrabook on the balcony of my room at the Barcelo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

a little balcony time with my Dell XPS at the Barcelo in Puerto Vallarta

So now I have the new Dell Ultrabook and am currently using it in on the road in Mexico. I am “remembering” life with a PC (I’ve gone Apple for years) and am spending time organizing (as expected with a new product) but also staying connected while producing content.  I can immediately say, I love the light weight, infinity screen have never had any battery issue.

After Mexico, I’ll be doing some travel in the Florida Keys and have some “office” time over the next month. I’ll learn more about the Dell XPS and discover its advantages. I’ll share my thoughts again in a round up on  how it worked for me and my needs as a traveler.

I am told the Dell XPS 13 Laptop with 5th Generation Intel Core Processor is an industry game changer, I am excited to learn how it “ups” my game.

Stay adventurous, Craig

 All the Dell XPS social chatter will be at #XPS and for specifically mine, I’ll also use #StayXPS. As a disclaimer, I received the Dell XPS to review and introduce to my audience. But as always my words and my opinions remain uniquely mine. To see the product details and cost, visit the Dell XPS product page.

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  • Lazy Travelers

    ever since i heard someone refer to their super-sized smartphone as a “phablet,” i have judged anyone who has one. i’m glad dell came in and save you from such disgrace. #StayPhabulous

    • craig zabransky

      thanks for chiming in LT…. and hmmm… phablet doesn’t have a good ring to it, does it? StayFunny, Craig

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