Sunset Sunday-Feeling at Home in Bohol Island, Philippines

This week the sunset series heads to the Philippines for a sunset from the Bohol Islands. I met Kay, the guest post author, at a social event after the New York Times Travel Show earlier this winter. We started discussing her ancestral home and I quickly noticed her passion for her country, travel and also sunsets. Thankfully she agreed to share a sunset memory and moment with us on Sunset Sunday… Ok, let’s hear from Kay –

Bohol Island Sunset

sunset in the Bohol Islands of the Philippines

Going to the Philippines, the land of my ancestors, was an indescribable experience. The islands are absolutely stunning, and the people are incredibly friendly. However, I think what resonated with me the most was how deeply I felt rooted into this land. Both through my ancestry and the striking beauty of the land, I felt a certain magic that is unrivaled by any other place I’ve ever explored.

We saw this scene while driving through Bohol Island. As the sun creepend below the horizon, I screamed to my uncle to stop the car right as we crossed a long bridge. Surrounded by my beloved family members, I have never felt so at home in an unfamiliar place. This powerful spectacle is just a glimpse of the imprint that my experiences in the Philippines have had in my life.

-Kay Rodriguez

Happy Sunset Sunday. 

Kay Rodriguez is a full-time undergraduate student and editor-in-chief of the Kay Days, a blog geared to inspiring travel for the young at heart. Her “superpowers” include playing ukulele, making friends, exploring unfamiliar territory, and convincing other students and young professionals to do the same. Also, be sure to follow her on twitter @thekaydays too. 

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  • Maria

    Show stopper! I’m just sitting here refreshing the page cause it’s so pretty!

    • craig zabransky

      Agreed. And I hear the Philippines are SO pretty at every turn. Its definitely a place I need to visit on my own some day… until then I have Kay’s image here to serve as a reminder for me… stay adventurous, Craig