Sunset Sunday – Manchester, Vermont

I travel to Vermont a few times a year.  Actually, I have visited in each of the seasons with the exception of its cold winter. Yes, the fall foliage of Manchester, Vermont is spectacular, but so is spring and summer.

The Manchester View Hotel claims to have, “the best view in southern Vermont.” It even appears on their match boxes. To be honest, the views from most places in this part of the country are reason enough to make the journey.

With the Manchester View property being situated slightly up the mountainous landscape, the motel style property does offer some views, but for the sunset, I needed to go for a walk. I headed back down the road on foot and made the first left. I didn’t walk far. There I stood and captured the sun behind the mountains with a reflection on the pond below.


sunset in Machester, Vermont at the Manchester View Motel

On my walk, I also met a local walking their dog. We discussed the weather; the heat, the rain, and the cold. I also described my Sunset Sunday series. She told me how at certain times of the year the sun sets between the two mountains (in image) perfectly. It was not the case this evening, but the sunset still delighted. It seemed both peaceful and powerful; it was another beautiful moment in time.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Vermont is Open for Business

What I also discovered on my most recent trip, was that the shops, restaurants, hotels and basically the entire tourism economy of Vermont showed concern. They believed people were planning to stay away from Vermont during the fall foliage season. I was surprised. I understand flooding is a challenge in places, but the roads from New York to Vermont showed no sign of damage nor did they cause delays. Vermont is open for business.

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  • rebecca

    so pretty and love the idea of sunset sunday

    • Craig Zabransky

      Thanks Rebecca. Come back every sunday for a new photo and new destination.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Carrie

    so, you finally made it to my home state! pretty, eh? Sunsets in Vermont are subtle and lack the vibrancy of sunsets in, well, say, Costa Rica, but that’s the way we like them – subtle and laid back…