Sunset Sunday – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

When not on the impressive Lake Atitlan in a kayak, I often walked around the town of San Pedro. And one evening my mission was simple – find a place to watch the sunset.

The night before I arrived at dusk and watched the sunset over the mountains while en route. I snapped an image, but the local “chicken bus” zig-zag descent from the mountains made any quality photo a challenge. So, the following evening, I thought I’d seek to find a perfect place.

I thought I’d find the best vantage point to watch the sunset over the lake. But, I discovered this turned out to be another challenge from my location. Impossible actually. I couldn’t see west; I needed a different approach.

I left the lower part of town and walked along the rugged coastal and positioned myself on the rocky edge with only view of the water and the mountains across the lake. The sun’s itself was not visible, but the descent from a different perspective was visible. I found my different approach.

sunset on lake Atitlan, Guatemala

the beams of light on the mountain allowed me to know where the sun was...

Slowly the radiant beams of light seemed to strengthen only for a second before they stopped. A cool line of shade rose up the mountainside. Eventually I could feel the cool on my side of the lake too. The sun was setting.

This new perspective provided an unusual experience. The evening along the Lake Atitlan in Guatemala no big, bright, ball of color displayed itself for me, yet, I watched sun set on the day.  Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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