Sunset Sunday – Jaco, Costa Rica

Looking back, the sunset seems to have always been a special part of my travels. From my childhood to my first solo trips, I can recall many sunsets. But it was after Costa Rica, the first destination on my travel sabbatical, when my simple love for the sunset grew to a passion.

With most of my afternoons spent on the sandy shores, I watched sunset after sunset. Each was different, each was magnificent. The impressive colors of the sunset in Tamarindo made me realize people need to see a sunset like this at least once; it changes moods, and I believe it changes lives. It did for me.

As beautiful as the sunsets in Tamarindo were and as much as I favored spending time on the beaches of Santa Theresa-Mal Pais, I watched my first Costa Rican sunset in Jaco. There, I studied Spanish with a young Norwegian couple. As we became friends, they often invited me back to their beachfront apartment.

On their second floor balcony we regularly watched the sunset with a cerveza, discussing our advancements in both Spanish and surfing. Yet at the magical moment, when the sun slipped into the sea, we usually remained silent. Words, either in Spanish or English, could hardly describe the majesty.

sunset in Jaco Costa Rica

the view from a beach front apt in Jaco, CR

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

I enjoyed many sunsets with my Norwegian friends and today I wish them, and their country, much healing after the events of this past week. My thoughts are with you.



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