Sunset Sunday – 2010, the Year in Review

In the cold crisp New York winter an idea was born. I decided to write a weekly post about one of my favorite moments of the day. I wanted to share my stories about the majesty and magic of the sunset.

a mexico moment.

the shared experience... the sunset

Since last January, every (well nearly every) Sunday I published a post “Sunset Sunday” with a different destination. Through the year over forty posts appeared. Each one designed to share my experience, share my images and also inspire my readership to pause and appreciate the day’s end.

As I described in my first post, and also in the Sunset Sunday introduction page, the sunset surprises, seduces and slows. It surprises with its colors, seduces with the ability to connect with nature, people or yourself, and it slows us as we take a moment. And in 2010 I trust it did just that.

the statue with a sunset view..

So Where Did the 2010 Sunsets Take Us?

  • Across 16 different countries and 4 continents
  • More than half of the sunsets came from North America (USA 15, Mexico 8 and Canada 1)
  • More than 75% showed the sun setting over water, but interestingly only half of those occurred on a beach (numerous Lakes and Rivers moments)

Which were the Most Popular Sunset Posts?

darkness descends on Edinburgh castle and the city.

  • The most popular by comments was Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and it may be the most picturesque too.
  • The most “found” via search engines was interesting because it was the canal city of Amsterdam, Holland; it’s edged the Florida Keys Sunsets because I posted four from the region.
  • The surprisingly least popular of my favorite images was Pretoria, South Africa; It seemed not receive much buzz even though I loved the memory from the eve of the world cup.

So now after a year that took us from the rivers of Africa to the pacific coast of Costa Rica; a year where we traveled to the cities of Europe to the isolated beaches of Asia; a year where we visited my home in New York to my second home in Mexico I prepare for a new year. I now prepare the sunsets of 2011.

Where will 2011 take us?

  • To share sunsets from across 50 destinations;  I, like a true American worker, will only take two weeks off in 2011.
  • To share stories and images from all six continents.  And if I don’t return to South America or get to the land under this year, I’ll recruit some guest posts to assist me in that goal.
  • To share some repeat destinations but  include different images, different stories, and different moments from each location.
  • To ensure we visit over 25 new destinations

susnet at sea...

    I hope you will join me and check out the 2011 sunsets and also view the sunsets you missed by viewing the year that was and in 2010 sunset archives.  and if you have any suggestions, definitely please let me know.

    Stay adventurous, Craig

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    • Andi

      Oh gosh, I’m obsessed with sunset pics! I can’t wait to see the ones you show in 2011. :)

    • santafetraveler

      Tough work but someone has to do it! If you want great sunsets, come to Santa Fe- we have a fab one almost every night. Here’s one that was Photo of the Week on our blog
      Happy New Year!

    • Craig Zabransky

      @Andi me too. 2011 – will bring some great images and interesting stories.

      @santafetraveler I may just need to see what New Mexico offers, (Old) Mexico and I have shared many sunset moments. Have a happy too.

      stay adventurous, Craig

    • my.

      Cool idea! So glad I stumbled upon #SunsetSunday. I know it would be impossible to see all the sunsets of the world through my own eyes, so I’m glad I can see what others have to share.

      – Michelle