Sunset Sunday – Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Originally, I started following Wendy on Twitter when I discovered a shared appreciation for Mexico. But when I started Sunset Sunday, she consistently posted photos of sunsets on Twitter. All of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. I wondered what made the lake and location so special?

Well, I asked her share a photo and some memories. She agreed. Enjoy Wendy’s words and sunset moment.

sunset on lake huron canada

Wendy enjoys the familiar view on Lake Huron...

Here I am again, sitting upon the rocks at the end of the pier, on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. This is the very spot I sat last night, the night before and it is where I will most likely be this time tomorrow night. I have sat upon these same grey rocks as a child, as a teenager, as a wife and now as a single mother with a daughter of my own. I have come here time and time again at the end of the day, for the beauty of the sunset.

Although my life has evolved and changed over time, I take a certain comfort in knowing I will see the same sun set each night. I feel like it somehow knows me, has seen me through my ups and downs, and always has this way of calming me from the inside out and reminding me of how great my life really is. Tonight’s sunset is no exception. Happy Sunset Sunday!

by – Wendy Greene

Wendy P Greene, a creative communication professional who blogs at Dare to Go and tweets at @DareToGo.

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  • Melissa Morris

    beautiful picture, wendy! i’ll check out your site and look for you on twitter.

    happy sunset sunday, craig!


  • Kirsten Alana

    The Great Lakes really do provide some spectacular sunsets. I have enjoyed many myself & my favorite place is Holland Beach on Lake Michigan. Great story & photograph from Wendy!

  • Mark

    Thanks for sharing your image and your thoughts Wendy. Beautiful!

  • wendy

    Thank you all for sharing my sunset with me..