Postcard – The Man from Malpica, Mexico

On a special “MexMonday,” (it’s Mexico bicentennial celebration week) I wanted to post a photo that’s special to me. Not solely because of the substance, but also because it enabled me to meet a great community of people who promote Mexico. People I now call my friends.

On an excursion to visit some of the charming pueblos within a short distance of Mazatlan, the tour stopped in Malpica. With a population of less than 1,000 and basically untouched by time, the town houses a seemingly simple bakery. In a small oven, some of the finest pastries in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico are created.  And we arrived for a taste. Breakfast. And Delicious.

el hombre y su mejor amigo (el perro)


Outside, between bites, I snapped this image. A memory, a moment; a man and his best friend.

Shortly afterwards, I submitted the picture for the weekly MexMonday photo contest. (~Oct ’09-Feb ’10). This photo, along with a few others I submitted over time claimed honors – It won. It’s award winning.

So, this Monday I take off my sombrero (my hat) to the creator of the weekly MexMonday, my friend Stephanie, and everyone else who promotes Mexico on Mondays. I love the photos, stories, and specials.  A Feliz (Happy) MexMonday mis amigos.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Day 9 of 20 day Mexico Bicentennial Tribute

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  • Wendy

    Love the colours in this photo, Craig, so Mexican. It looks as though the guy dressed for the occasion by matching the colour of his shirt to the wall!

  • TravelDesigned

    Better late than never…. thank you, Craig!
    Hope you are enjoying your time in Mazatlan :))