Sunset Sunday – The Chobe River, Botswana

On a day when I traveled through four countries. A flight from South Africa to Zambia, than a bus through Zambia, Zimbabwe and into Botswana I eventually arrived at Chobe Safari Lodge. After the welcome drink and a scented, cool, wet towel to freshen up, I decided to walk to the river’s edge to see my very first African Sunset.  I was rewarded with this image.  Enjoy. Happy Sunset Sunday.

the chobe river in Botswana at sunset

my first view of the chobe river... Botswana

stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Kim

    isn’t it nice that wherever we are the familiar sun is there to set with us welcoming us home – one earth – one family – one heart… thanks for sharing, craig

  • Melissa Morris


  • Maryann

    Chobe River in Botswana Africa is a very distant area of the world. However, no matter how far you travel, there is still another beautiful sunset to be viewed. Thanks for sharing.

  • Emjay

    Great pics, Craig, but who would expect anything less.
    Still learning this blog business. Just starting on Namibia, and I hope I can figure out how to make my pictures BIGGER!

    If you find any of me in your camera that have me looking 50 lbs lighter, please pass them along! LOL

    Love to your family!

    • stayadventurous

      Hey, I am still going through all the photos. Takes time when you take so, so many. When I find a few good ones, I’ll be sure to send along.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Ernie V.

    Nice photo, Craig. I envy your traveling ways. Keep trekkin’!

  • Emjay

    Tell me about it! I’ve been home for 3 weeks, working on it night and day, and I’m just now finished! Had over 6000… narrowed it down to 1400 that I can’t live without! lmao

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