Sampling New Adventure Gear on a Trip to Montana

When heading off to the Montana state capital city,  I packed  a few extra items to sample on my adventure. As it turned out, these items helped make for even a better time exploring  the treasured adventures that await in Montana.

Happy Luxe – Travel Pillow

relaxing with the happy luxe travel pillow

A quick selfie before a nap on the plane with my travel pillow

With early am flights and a layover I wanted to remain fresh and rest on my travel. Let’s face it,  I wanted sleep on the plane. I used pillows before, but nothing like this scarf Travel Pillow from Happy Luxe

At first the size seemed daunting, almost too big of a product, but tough as it was to bring on as part of my one carry on (something to manage) I made it fit and I am glad I did. Couple it with eye mask and ear plugs and it may be better sleep than some hotel beds.

Another bonus is the pillows are removable and the scarf can be used on its own, something valuable in Montana all seasons.

Lewis N. Clark – Day Dry Bag

Lewis N. Clark Day Dry Bag on the Missouri River in Montana for a fly fishing float

Dry Bag on a Missouri River Fly Fishing adventure in Montana

On the Missouri River, a waterway Lewis and Clark actually navigated, I tested the Lewis N. Clark day dry bag on a fly fishing adventure.  The test proved successful – camera dry, wallet dry, iPhone dry, and extra clothes all stayed dry even with myself wading in the water too.

The dry bag does have a tight front zipper, but most items will make their way into the big open pouch. So, finding an iPhone for photos or your fellow fisherman’s phone and wallet was not always easy when floating on a river…. A good idea is to use Ziploc bags or something similar to separate and compartmentalize.

This bag will now be my boating bag in the Florida Keys for all fishing and pleasure excursions. I just recently used it as my supply bag for the boat during my Alligator Light House open water relay swim.

Epic Wipes

epic wip at the helana symphony night under the stars

Always Ready and fresh for an Epic time

I tossed a few epic wipes in my suitcase for Montana. I knew I’d have a few epic adventures and a “Helena” good time in Montana.

Yet, the thing with epic wipes is that you find yourself judging the “epicness” (is that a word) of the moment and if it is worthy of using a wipe.  At first you may believe you need to do something  you classify as “epic” to use a wipe, but once you get passed it, and realize the epic nature is in the environmentally friendly wipe itself and its functionality, you start finding more and opportunity to use an Epic Wipes.

I found my favorite use was often after outdoor activities such as a hike in Mt Helena City Park or visit to the Gates of the Mountains before heading straight to social outing. With a long day (16 plus daylight hours in the Montana summer) the social dinner hours surprisingly come up quicker than expected because they happen prior to catching a Montana sunset. No problem with an epic wipe – open, wipe and be refreshed for a night on the town.

Stay Packing Wisely

the happy luxe travel pillow scarf with a lewis n clark day dry bag and some epic wipes

Travel Pillow, Day Dry Bag, and Epic Wipes ready for an Adventure

With airplane luggage charges and size restrictions for carry-ons packing has become more strategic through the years, so you need to pack wisely. Finding room for these extra products proved wise for me and these items will continue find their way on in my suitcases for future adventures too.

Stay adventurous, Craig

On a full disclosure – All these product samples were given to me for my use, but as always all the words and opinions are my own. For more information about any of companies, see there links below.

Product LinksHappy Luxe | Lewis N Clark | Epic Wipes

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