No Longer An Unfathomable Sunset at Sea

Can you fathom a different type of sunset at sea?

Well, can you? Where do your thoughts take you?  Maybe to new, gigantic cruise ship sunset? How about to a sailboat sunset from the Greek Islands? Maybe it drifted to a special formula or method developed to witness the allusive green flash sunset at sea?

the sunset at see on Fathom Travel Cruise to the Dominican Republic in Black and White

this may be in B&W, but the trip allows you to see so much color

Make no mistake, I love the sunset at sea and every evening when blessed to be on the water, I chase it. Sure, I’ll always spend an evening watching a sunset from my balcony cabin, but most evenings I make my way to the top deck to watch the sunset with fellow passengers. I discovered and met many who do it alone in their thoughts, others who take selfies (or new head-shots even), and still the others that toast to it with friends.

Fathom, Social Impact Cruise Travel

On my last sail, the inaugural Fathom Travel cruise to the Dominican Republic, the sunset was similar,  but also different. Very Different.

“This first voyage provided more evidence there is a growing market of guests who want to make a positive, direct impact when traveling. Fathom gave our guests a unique way to leave an impression on a very personal level within the community, as well as have an extraordinarily rewarding experience.” – Tara Russell, President of Fathom

On board the mv Adonia, the Fathom Cruise ship, the sunset was not merely majesty at sea, but the sunset of an idea that something wasn’t possible? A sunset on the idea that voluntourism, social impact travel, cannot be done on a large scale or even done in the cruise industry.

the sunset at sea onboard the fathom travel mv Adonia heading back to Miami

Perhaps it was a “typical” sunset at sea, but certainly no longer an ordinary way to travel

Yes, so this sunset may seem ordinary, but it wasn’t. First timers, and veteran cruisers alike all celebrated this very sunset on a most historic voyage. And as the sun dipped below the horizon on the port side of the ship, I started to fathom what’s next for the world of travel after this voyage.

I realized, not only did I change from this chance to travel deep (#travelDeep), but also hundreds of passengers changed, people of the Dominican Republic changed, and world (of travel) changed. This sunset at sea just didn’t mark the end of a day or even a week trip, but rather the beginning of a new era in travel. Yes, the mindset for travel was shifted in a positive impactful way. Can you really start to fathom that?

I can and I love it.

Happy Sunset Sunday. Stay adventurous, Craig

I was a guest on the inaugural Fathom voyage to the Dominican Republic. Expect more about my experience this month on the site. Also, as always you can expect the opinions, thoughts, and advice to be uniquely mine too. 

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