Travel To Mexico City, the Stay AdvenTours New 2016 Tour Dates

the 2016 tour dates have been announced for the Stay AdvenTours Travel to Mexico City.

Once again we will be heading making Mexico City Travel a fall event, s  sign up to join me in Mexico’s Capital City. So let’s get ready to explore, experience and enjoy the magic of Mexico City in 2016.

Walking the Zocalo in Mexico City on Stay AdvenTours

Stay AdvenTours Mexico City Travel Dates:

Take a long weekend with Thursday to Sunday dates and take Stay AdvenTours to Mexico City

  • Thursday October 20 to Sunday October 23, 2016

The trip is a  4 day / 3 night long weekend in Mexico City. The adventure takes travelers to the top attractions, the best things to do in Mexico City, and provides for proper free time. The trip allows travelers of all ages to see one of the world’s most dynamic capitals and to see Mexico City through my eyes.  And you’ll learn first hand why Mexico City is all the buzz lately. You’ll understand why it is clearly making everyone’s must see and visit lists like Depatures Magazine, the New York Times, and more.

Avenue of the Dead from Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan outside Mexico City

“For me, this trip had a perfect mix of bigger, can’t-miss activities (e.g., Teotihuacan, Frida Kahlo Museum) and “little surprises” as I like to call them.”

But, Is Mexico City Safe?

the Zocalo, the main plaza in Mexico City at night, or rather dusk

Mexico City is a city of over 20 million people. It is as dynamic and diverse as any world capital city. On Stay AdvenTours, we will travel to both popular tourist destinations and some more local regions of Mexico City.  The complete four day Mexico City itinerary allows travelers to discover, dine, drink and even dance (if desired) in the sections of the city I know.These selected neighborhoods (barrios) I personally know to be safe, fun and were selected specifically to showcase the Mexico City I’ve come to love.

We will also send you advanced trip details that include recommendations and basic city precautions, items expected from any major city destinations. Visitors have nothing to worry about.

“Over the course of the trip I began to realize that I had a lot of stereotypes (many of which I didn’t even know I had) about the people, food, the safety, how advanced v. “third world” it would be, etc. I was wrong on so many levels!”

Honestly, the real danger in Mexico City is falling in love with it. Trust me, I know. I have.

Why Visit Mexico City?

photos and images from a tour to mexico city by craig zabransky of Stay AdvenTours

Photos from 2015 StayAdventours Mexico City

Did you see the read the full itinerary? Don’t you want to experience the culture, cuisine and adventure of a top global destination? And how about the opportunity to walk the steps of history through ancient Mesoamerica, colonial charm, and also 20th century bohemian neighborhoods all in one weekend. Not enough yet? Ok, let’s also taste authentic and award winning cuisine along the way too? This adventure will even change your way of thinking of Mexico and even Latin America.

Ready to join me now?

Thought so. Sign up here > Stay AdvenTours Mexico City.

And hey, don’t just take my word on it the New York Times Travel section named Mexico City the #1 destination to visit in 2016. Yes, you read that right – the #1 destination to travel to in 2016. Come see what everyone will be talking about for years to come,  take Stay AdvenTours to Mexico City.

Stay AdvenTour-ing, Craig

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  • Bill Kaliher

    Glad to see these tours coming up–great info and pics

    • craig zabransky

      Gracias Bill, Mexico City is a magical place as you know. Stay AdvenTouring, Craig

  • The World Wanderer

    So exciting that you have two tours lined up this year! Hopefully, I can make it on one of them.

    • craig zabransky

      Si, dos – tours… hope you can make one too…. be such a joy to show you Mexico City. Stay AdvenTouring, Craig

  • lola

    I have always said that I want to go to Mexico with you. I have my eye on those early November dates. MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN

    • craig zabransky

      Lola, yes you have and in November you will. stay writing it down in ink…. Craig

  • Pola

    One of my favorite cities! Sure, not without its issues, but what place doesn’t have them?… I loved the food (midnight tacos!!), architecture, people… I need to go back for more food and to catch un partido de futbol (can you believe that all the major league teams were out of town when I was there?). I’d love to experience DF with your tour, one day. Stay rocking, Craig!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks or Gracias Pola, I did visit stadium Azteca to see America…. quite an experience…. stay loving DF, Craig

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