A Daytona Beach Sunset from the Pink Sand Beaches of Florida

After spending a day exploring historic St Augustine, which included tasting the water from its Fountain of Youth, the plan was only to continue southbound. I never realized I’d “race” to Daytona Beach and catch the sunset on the pink sands of its famous beach.

I learned more about stock car racing and Daytona from a visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier on the trip. The visit or “experience,” much more than just viewing old artifacts, further piqued my interest and curiosity about the popular American car racing sport and its traditions.  So when I kept noticing the mileage signs for Daytona Beach, I decided to pay a visit.

I pulled into a La Quinta and instead of using an app on my iPhone for a special hotel rate; I talked to the front desk. I went “old school.” It reminded me of booking places on my road trip twenty years ago across America. And this time, the personal touch paid off, I was rewarded with a great price (on a summertime Friday night), a friendly, helpful staff, and an excellent location – on the beach. I booked.

walking Daytona Beach, Florida at sunset

the pink was in the sky and on the sands of Daytona Beach at Sunset

Then just as I noticed the sky’s subtle changes in color and as the breeze picked up, it was off to the beach to step on the historic sands and to watch a Daytona Beach Sunset. Unlike the images of spring breaks and race day parties I found a peaceful place, and a beach with a soft, pink sand. I shared the moment with a few folks and enjoyed a sense of calm as day turned to night.

The sun may not set on the ocean here, but there was plenty of pinkish hue to let me know things have changed yet again. Happy Sunset Sunday from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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