Sunset Sunday-Chasing the Singapore Sunset

It rained often during my visit to Singapore, but that didn’t stop me from chasing a sunset on the south east island nation. A sunset isn’t a major draw for tourists or travelers to Singapore, but like everywhere, it occurs and it is always special (at least to me). But the Singapore Sunset, a proper one, may have eluded me…. but I do have images and moments to share.

Orchard Hotel Singapore Sunset

the view from the Orchard Hotel Singapore at sunset

my view from the 11th floor

After my early arrival and an amazing lunch at the Orchard Hotel Singapore’s restaurant: The Hua Ting, I settled down for a bit of a rest. Like any true Asian adventure (beginning from the States), the time zone changes affected my internal clock (jet lag) and I rested. I woke just in time for the Singapore Sunset outside my hotel window.

Orchard Road Sunset in Singapore

walking on Orchard Road close to sunset in Singapore

the sun burst through for a moment.

Two afternoons later, I still wanted to shoot the sunset and during my walk back from the botanical gardens I noticed the sun peeking through the clouds it was if it was shouting to me. It said, “Hey! I am here, see it’s not always raining in Singapore.” I snapped the image on the famous Orchard Road.

Night Safari Sunset

sunset from the bus en route to night safari in Singapore

the sunset doesn't wait for traffic

I left Singapore for Malaysia but returned for one more night before my flight back to the United States. My options; the Night Safari or search for the sunset.  The Nigh Safari was a must see and I thought I’d be able to see a sunset there, but thanks to event traffic (Formula 1 was in town) I never arrived in time for a sunset. I captured it from the window of my bus in traffic.

And although there are reasons to return to the Southeast Asian island nation of Singapore, one of my top would be to focus on capturing a better sunset (perhaps from the Singapore Flyer or the Marina Sands Hotel) but they escaped me on this most recent trip. But, I’ll be back and until then, these pictures and photos will work just fine. It will just be like chasing the Sunset in Glasgow, Scotland

Happy Sunset Sunday and stay adventurous, Craig


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  • Maria

    That first photo is a keeper! Love to be in an urban environment with a gentle yet spellbinding sunset like that. Kudos Craig!

    • craig zabransky

      Merci Maria, it was very gentle… a needed gentle after such a long haul too…
      stay chasing sunsets, Craig

  • Emjay

    We will be in Singapore on our World Cruise, and I have booked the Night Safari. Hopefully I can get some good pics for you! xx

    • craig zabransky

      MJ, it is no easy feat…you can’t use long exposure (animals move) or flash (not healthy for animals). I look forward to your results and also your thoughts on Singapore. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Traveling Ted

    I will be in Singapore in mid December. I hope I have better luck on the sunset there. #staysingaporesunset

    • craig zabransky

      Ted, the window is always open for a guest post… StayTBHoFWorthy, Craig

  • Travel Guides

    Nice one..

    • craig zabransky

      It was really three, but fun all three nights. Stay Chasing the Sunset, Craig

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