the 5-Photos of Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York surprised. It did. I didn’t expect to see a city with so much historical treasure, especially with its architecture nor did I expect to see a city in the midst of a major resurgence. Yes, Buffalo surprised me during few days first as a volunteer for the New York Special Olympics and then again when spending a few days in town for leisure.

Yes, I found myself enjoying a different city in the state of New York and here are the 5 photos to describe my time and the city. Enjoy.

Buffalo, “USA”

On a walk to capture the sunset in Buffalo, I walked through the countless military naval vessels, aircraft and memorials (including a place for the upcoming Iraq / Afghan war memorial).  On a peaceful border with Canada (celebrating 200 years of peace from the two year War of 1812 this ’12-’14) this was a surprise and a fine tribute to those who serve.

the Buffalo Naval and Military Park is the largest inland park of its kind in the US

Also, I noticed many USA flags in Buffalo too, some even painted on the buildings serving up Hot Wings. Buffalo was a very patriotic city.

 Teddy Roosevelt in Buffalo

Theodore Roosevelt ascended to the world stage in Buffalo. He was inaugurated as President in the city after the assassination of President McKinley at the Pan American Exposition (also in Buffalo). And spending time in the city you will certainly see the references to the fame Rough Rider who appears on Mount Rushmore.

the Theodros Roosevelt Inaugural Museum in Buffalo, New YorkOne must stop is the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural House, a museum run by the National Park system. Admission is $10 and guided tours (the only way to see the house) occur nearly ever hour.The city also has a monument for President McKinley.

“Under Construction”

Any visitor to Buffalo will notice the massive construction projects and when you understand the resurgence of the city, you hardly curse its annoyance, but rather share excitement for its future. Whether it is the huge canalside project, the main street improvements, the roads outside the Albright-Knox Art Museum or even at the Frank Llyod Writght Martin House, Buffalo is improving.

construction down by the waterfront is massive and the plans are impressive for Buffalo, New York

I can't wait to see the finished product, the designs look impressive

And after my visit, I’d say put this city on your visit list in the near future.

Architectural Treasure

Buffalo had money. Tons of it. At one point just after the turn of the 20th century, the city held more millionaires than New York City (per capita). And these millionaires put money into the city and especially its buildings. Many invited the world’s most forward thinking architects to build and design in the city. In Buffalo, you’ll find work by; Frederick Law Olmsted, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, H.H. Richardson, Stanford White, Richard Upjohn, Eliel and Eero Saarinen and Daniel Burnham to name a few from the textbooks of time.

the Guaranty Building, now used by Prudential, is one of the most stunning buildings in Buffalo if not the US

a MUST visit for everyone who comes to Buffalo - Impressive

I highly recommend a Architecture Tour for anyone visiting the city. You’ll be amazed and learn the basics as well as appreciate the details. My Architecture Walking Tour, from Buffalo Tours was just a few hours at a leisurely pace and it was some of the best hours I spent in Buffalo.

Buffalo Wings

When in Rome, you eat carbonara, when in Buffalo you eat-buffalo wings. Well, in Buffalo it’s either chicken wings or probably more aptly called hot wings, never buffalo wings. Talk to anyone in the city and they can offer you an opinion of the best  place to enjoy a basket of hot wings.

buffalo wings from Buffalo new york

a plate of hot wings from the Anchor Bar

On my visit, I enjoyed lunch at the Anchor Bar, the birthplace of the Buffalo wing in the 1960s. The medium spicy might not be enough spice for those die hard hot wing fans, so be bold.

Stay adventurous, Craig

 I’d like to thank the Buffalo-Niagara Tourism board for hosting my stay in Buffalo and the Comfort Suites on Main Street for its excellence service. Additionally, I’d like to thank Larissa of Changes in Longitude for “selling” me on Buffalo. She was right, Buffalo is a great place.

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  • dperkins001

    A good article on Buffalo. It’s a great place to visit in the summer months, but if you’re not used to lots of snow, don’t plan anything from October to late April, haha. The waterfront is coming back in a BIG way, Helium Comedy Club is bringing in big acts in the Cobblestone District right near HSBC Arena (home of the Sabres), and a lot of the old architecture and huge, historic hotels are in the midst of renovations and updating. Great architecture in this city, and a lot of promising building going on.
    As a side note, though, most people here just call them “wings”. “Hot wings” and “Buffalo wings” are reserved for anywhere else in America. “Chicken wings” is sometimes used, but typically you don’t need the distinction. If you’re looking for much hotter wings, check out Duff’s when you come back to Buffalo. When they say “medium is hot, hot is very hot…” they mean business…

    • craig zabransky

      I had perfect weather in June…. And actually I was told the last few years the snow hasn’t nearly “froze” things as in years past…

      And thanks for the clarification on “wings.” I’ll try Duff’s next time I am in town. And there will be a next time.

      stay buffalo, Craig

      • dperkins001

        Yeah, the last couple of years have been somewhat mild, especially in the city. Once you start heading south on 219 and get outside the city, you see more snow in the winter. That’s probably why there are some great ski places down there.

        I was even corrected by someone with the HSBC Arena reference.. I know that it’s the FNC now, but sometimes I still call the Bison’s stadium Pilot Field, and Ralph Wilson Stadium is sometimes still called Rich Stadium… Lots of sports history in Buffalo, too.

        Seriously though, keep Duff’s in mind for wings, and Larkin Square or Larkinville is a great place to check out for lunch and to catch some of the surge of food trucks that seem to be coming out of nowhere in Buffalo nowadays.

      • craig zabransky

        Yeah, I heard many Canadian head south to ski / snowboard there… And no doubt Buffalo is rich in sports too. I remember the teams with Jim Kelly and the like…

        And, yes, Duff’s next time, promise.

        stay adventurous, Craig

    • laura

      Lots of snow is just whawt everyone has been led to believe. Why don’t you look at the weather / snow facts and figures. As far as nothing to do, who goes to Shea’s Performing Arts, who goes to the Buffalo Philharmonic, who goes to to the football games, hockey games, etc? Entertainment is just redirected to indoor activities. I am so sick of people feeling sorry for people who live in the Buffalo area. Our schools are great and most of all so are the people. We have never had anything like a monstrous tornado or anything as destructive asHurricane Sandy. Snow melts and everyone is always prepared and they just stay home without the fear of their homes blowing apart and having no where to live after the storm.

      • dperkins001

        Why so defensive? I just meant that a lot of people aren’t acclimated to the amount of snowfall (or the kind – lake effect) that we get on a regular basis during the winter. It was a joke about our challenging weather. I wasn’t trying to say that it’s awful, you can’t go out, you shouldn’t go out, just give up on Buffalo. It was just a joke.
        You’re right. The people here are fantastic. The schools (at least outside the city and some of them in the city) are generally very good. The seasons offer a lot of options of things to do – checking out the changing leaves, skiing, snowmobiling, apple picking, cherry picking, concerts on the waterfront, Sabres games, Bills games, toboggoning at Chestnut Ridge, etc., etc. I’m proud to tell people that I’m from Buffalo. I’m proud that I’ve “dealt with” the weather here (more like “enjoyed”) for my entire life. I don’t intend to leave. A big reason for that is that almost all of my family is here, and not because they couldn’t afford to leave, but because they didn’t WANT to, which should be good enough evidence to show that it’s a great place to raise a family, too.
        I wasn’t trying to put down Buffalo. I was just making a joke… speaking of which, you should check out Helium Comedy Club. Sounds like you could use a laugh! :)

  • Colin

    Agree with the other commenter – don’t call ’em “buffalo wings” or “hot wings”. Just wings.

    • craig zabransky

      Ok, will do. It’s “Wings” stay accurate, Craig

  • Austin Clark

    The Queen City has always been the place where palatial elegance met blue-collar sensibilities and neither shied away from the other. In Buffalo, nobody would look down on you for working in a Steel Mill all day and then getting cleaned up and taking your wife to the Theatre at night.

    • craig zabransky

      I feel like you can say that for New York state too.. sure in the city (NYC) they might expect you to know what you are doing, but I believe there is a greater acceptance than most places…

      and Queen City, I’ll need to discover why that nickname exists.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Padre Jud

    Another wonderful, and new, place during the summer is Larkinville. Free outdoor concerts on Wednesday nights, and a lot of positive buzz.

    • craig zabransky

      Padre, I love the fact you wrote “positive” buzz… the world needs positive news and honestly Buffalo seems to be such a positive story. stay positive, Craig

  • CherMcD

    Just another little side note – HSBC is now First Niagara Center. I know, all these name changes are confusing. Makes one miss the Aud!

    • craig zabransky

      Whatever the name when Hockey starts, I wish the Sabres well this year and someday I plan to catch a game when all the construction and the new waterfront is done…. .stay adventurous, Craig

  • Enough

    Love Buffalo…always will!

  • The Wondernuts

    I would go. For the hot wings. But also, I don’t think upstate New York gets its fair share of the tourism love

    • craig zabransky

      I don’t either, especially after this trip. I plan to explore more in the future. I Love NY after all. stay new york, Craig

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  • Pola

    I visited once and had a great time. One of those unappreciated cities… Great that you’re writing about it!

    • craig zabransky

      I agree, even as a NYer, I never truly appreciated the city, now I know better. Stay appreciative, Craig

  • Traveling Ted

    I did not know Buffalo had so much history and architecture. I did know about the wings. I love chicken wings and would love to try them where they originated.

  • Maria

    Very cool Craig. I had no idea – thanks for showing me more of Buffalo, NY… definitely worth a visit. 😀

  • Lola DiMarco

    Would love to see what they do with the new construction! The architecture is something I definitely did not expect, but considering Buffalo’s history its pretty cool. And I bet they have some great wings! YUM!

  • Leah Travels

    Alright, so I’ve always wanted to have Buffalo wings in Buffalo. Surely I’m not the only one?!?

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  • Charu

    Actually one of my best friends is from Buffalo and now I will ask her to give me a tour!

    • craig zabransky

      Charu, you must… the city is changing, it is on a major upswing, I know I’ll be back. Stay adventurous, Craig

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