Sunset Sunday – Lake Michigan, Chicago

I just received a letter for my high school reunion. Any such letter makes you think of high school and its memories. Ah, all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And it also sent me looking through photos. During my high school days the digital camera was no where to be found; it wasn’t invented yet. But on my computer I keep a “high school folder” loaded with of post high school memories with those we shared the halls of Deer Park HS with me. On my review, I discovered photographs from a visit to Chicago, a visit to attend a friend’s wedding.

Before the ceremony, we took the day (the wedding eve) to visit the city. We toured the pier and parks. We walked, talked and entertained a few afternoon pints. It had been years since we got together for many of us, and surprisingly we all seemed happy and well. Then before our date with steak at dinner, the sky changed, the clouds came and rain seemed to be on the horizon. Down by the pier, overlooking the lake, I took this image at sunset.

sunset on Lake Michigan in Chicago

a storm brews on the lake at sunset..

Happy Sunset Sunday!

stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Charu

    This is probably my most favorite of yours so far…it looks surreal!

    • Craig Zabransky

      Wow, Thanks… And I do appreciate the RT on Twitter. I loved that you used the word Haunting. Great word choice.

      stay adventurous, Craig