Greenmarket Square in Cape Town

One of the oldest squares in Cape Town, Greenmarket Square can be found just a few blocks off Long Street in the center of the city.  On one end of the street, I stayed at the Westin on the other end I found the perfect Royale with Cheese burger. And if you head to Cape Town and plan to hit the ‘scene’ you will find yourself sipping a point somewhere on Long Street too.

Just off the center of Long Street, you will find Greenmarket Square. The square served as a focal point in all parts of the Cape’s history. It origins are from its early colonial beginnings and also include it’s more recent political movements during apartheid. Now the squares serves as a place people gather to socialize in the many cafes and to also enjoy shopping in its informal flea market.

The market, loaded with African crafts, gives any African traveler a chance to purchase a “authentic” African souvenir without venturing deeper into the African wilderness. And many don’t because you can spend an entire vacation in Cape Town and it’s surroundings.

Enjoy scenes from the market. It’s Greenmarket Square Cape Town, South Africa.

some of the Art...


wood crafts....


i actually purchased one of these...

When finished shopping of course stop and take in an afternoon beer at one of the many surrounding cafes.

shopping makes me thirsty...

stay adventurous, Craig

this post is part of the Market Monday Series (season 1) and also a bit of a holdover from the All Africa All April (Almost)

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  • Christina Pilkington

    I love the African bowls. Were things pretty expensive there?

    • Craig Zabransky

      Well, I purchased my during the World Cup craze, so I imagine prices were up… but that just means more bargaining.

      I always look at it as – If it’s an item you’ll cherish and use often (not store in a box somewhere) don’t mind paying more for it. Every time you see it, it can remind you of that adventure… a few extra dollars is well worth the smile and memory.

      I think I paid $8 USD for one… honestly don’t remember. But well worth it.

      stay adventurous, Craig