Top Beaches for Beach Thursday

All winter I decided to post a weekly story about a beach destination. A story every Thursday designed not to  just to warm us up, (especially those of us in winter), but also showcase all type of beaches from historic to the idyllic. I embraced the “Beach Thursday” concept.  However, this idea was not my own, it came from another.

I guest posted once on Isabelle’s Travel site last year and wrote about what else? – a beach. And when I started my 13 week winter series – Beach Thursday I asked her if she would like to guest post, since she created “Beach Thursday.” I was thrilled when she said yes.

So, below is some of her favorite beaches by type or even local and why she loves them. We might disagree on our respective top 5s, but we both do share a love for the beach itself. Isabelle writes…

For some people a beach is a beach, there is the sea & sand and that`s it… Not for me. Each beach is unique in my eyes and has certain characteristics to it … I`ve always been more fond of beaches than mountains. I have friends who prefer a winter holiday going skiing giving the choice of only making one trip. I will always choose a beach.

photo taken by Isabelle

I think it`s the infinity of the ocean, the soothing sound of the waves, that feeling of freedom when you`re at a beach that makes it so appealing to me!

When I wrote my top 5 of beaches, I tried to not include the obvious choices, but beaches with character. Like the beach in the South of Spain I went to a couple of years ago, La Barossa Beach at the Costa de la Luz. Making long beach walks along the sea shore really gave such a feeling of peace and calm, there was at that time (early Spring) almost nobody around which made it even more enjoyable to have such a wide stretched beach all to yourself.

photo: Travel Map

Or the beach at Byron Bay in Australia, not only was it a beautiful beach, the atmosphere at this beach destination was just lovely. Friendly people, a great hostel close to the beach, things like that make a destination one to remember too!

Of course, the white sand and crystal blue water at a beach destination makes it a place to never forget, like my number one (well, for now, I hope to see much more beaches and maybe I`ll change my mind in the future 😉 is Nanuya Lai Lai, Fiji.

photo by Isabelle - Fiji

This place was like paradise to me! Relaxing with a good book in a hammock beneath waving palm trees with a stunning view. Having the opportunity to go snorkeling or just go paddling with the fish at your feet.

photo by Isabelle - Fish at her feet

I think I`ll never get bored of being at a beach or exploring new beach destinations. I can`t wait to add more to my list! On top of my bucket list are the Cook Islands and French Polynesia…yes, I can definitely see myself there someday 😉


The author can be found at Isabelle’s Travel Guide and on twitter: @IsabellesTravel. All photos are copyrighted to Isabelle`s Travel Guide, except the one from Byron Bay.

This is post 10 of 13 in the Winter Series – Beach Thursday, a Special Series on Stay Adventurous.

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  • Erin D.

    Love this! Big fan of Beach Thursday! Isabelle — def go to French Polynesia!! I loved it there and wish everyday I could go back! We were actually supposed to do Cook Islands on the same trip (we did a Paul Gauguin cruise), however, thanks to four cyclones in two weeks last year, our itinerary was completely changed. Now, it’s just another excuse to go back! :-)

    • IsabellesTravel

      Thanks Erin! Now you`re making me even more anxious to go to French Polynesia. I`ve heard of the Paul Gauguin cruises, sounds marvelous! Yes, any excuse is good to go back…even without one, just go 😉

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  • Leslie (Downtown Traveler)

    Great picks! This post is tormenting me… i need to escape this dreary NYC weather and get to a tropical beach asap!

  • Michela @Rocky Australia Travel

    what a lovely post, ….I am a beach lover too! :) glad you mentioned an australian beach among your picks…and guessed what: I have not been to Byron Bay yet, I definitely must go there on my next trip across Australia!

  • Craig Zabransky

    @ Erin D, wow, that’s an adventure Paul Gauguin might make into wonderful paintings… and i agree with @Isabelle – yes, I also want to sit on the sands in French Polynesia

    @Michela, don’t worry, I still need to get down under period. One of these years – a trip to Australia is in the cards.

    stay adventurous, Craig