Wake Up to all Five Senses at the Desert Lily

It’s no secret I am not normally a morning person. It often requires special circumstances for me to wake before 9am. But if anything can alter my standard behavior it’s Mother Nature. And she did during my visit to Joshua Tree.

journaling at sunrise

During my travels to Joshua Tree National Park I enjoyed the desert scenery, the open roads and rock formations, the blooming cactus flowers, and of course the sunset.

But I also woke up early. Sunrise early. And although the very comfortable accommodations of bed & breakfast can keep guests sound asleep till mid day, I awoke before dawn. I wanted to watch nature.

Located in the Joshua Tree Highlands, the Desert Lily Inn Bed & Breakfast, provides a true escape. I especially enjoyed the outside patio available to its guests. It served as the perfect vantage point to watch a sunrise.

a rabbit hops on the scene

One morning armed with a pen and journal, I decided to write my morning meditative musings fueled by the inspiration from a sunrise. But I did more than ink some prose. The early morning chill allowed me to keep a solid focus and enabled me not just to write, but also truly see. To become aware of all five senses.

I watched the rabbits hop by and listened to the early birds chirp as they searched for the worm.  I slowly woke with the day. Then just as the sun climbed over the mountain for full display, I heard the most unusual sound. It was an intense flapping, almost a hum. Yes, a hum indeed. A hummingbird.

captured in flight.

The bird arrived for its morning meal as the plants offered it’s sweet nectar in hopes of pollination. I listened. I watched. I smelled. The bird came into complete focus then seemed to vanish in an instant. He flapped, fluttered, and then flew from flower to flower. And I inched closer to take a photo.

I adjusted my shutter speed and click. Click, click. I wondered if the mechanical eye would see the same beauty I witnessed. It did. Almost.

The early morning activity shifted my typical morning mood. Then once I settled in for the hearty breakfast and a fresh, hot cup of coffee, it only improved. Carrie the B&B owner serves a fresh three-course organic breakfast every morning. Delicious.  Very delicious.

breakfast was delicous

As the table conversation began with all the guests. I realized it was still before double digits and I already enjoyed the day. A sunrise instead of a sunset and a morning filled with all five senses. The taste of the breakfast, the touch of the sun’s warming rays, the sound of the hummingbird’s movement, the smells from the flowers and the sight of it all from an outside patio.

Stay adventurous, Craig

Stay Adventurous Tip: Can you put a travel memory in all five senses. Which sense don’t you recall so well or not at all? Why not focus on that sense during your next adventure.

Also, I’d like to thank Carrie from Desert Lily Bed & Breakfast for her generous hospitality.

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