Sunset Sunday – Kruger National Park, South Africa

After two full days of safari drives, the time came to leave Kruger National Park for the last time. And right before the gate, I asked to stop the vehicle as you often do when on a safari drive to take in the view. The sun was setting.

South African Safari Sunset

After spending time with nature and viewing the animals, the Big 5 and others (Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos) I also wanted to view the sun dip over the horizon of the Africa Bush. To set on the land where so many memories and stories unfolded. One last photo of the grounds where my heart raced and at times, with excitement, anticipation and even fear.

sunset at Kruger National Park in South Africa

To me, being so close to the animals in their world was a touch of staying adventurous. So, before I signaled I was ready to proceed, I snapped this photo. Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

this part of the All August – All Africa

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  • Ann Wilkinson

    i love the mood your sunset photograph creates, and i love the antique-y tone you captured. really nice, and i love your post!

  • Kirsten Alana

    works well as a sepia image indeed. recalls the classic days of film photography when cameras were as big as people – imagine dragging that through the bush. your narrative is really good as well.

  • Luschka @ Diary of a First Child

    I’m heading back to South Africa in just 50 days. I am so looking forward to the sunset, the sky and the thunderstorms. Lovely pictures.

  • Heather – Ruka & Kuusamo

    Looks gorgeous! I loved Kruger when I was there, it’s been too long, I need to go back again soon

  • Cheri Lucas

    Lovely shots, Craig! Have yet to visit Kruger…

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