Sunset Sunday – Benton, PA (Happy 4th of July)

Sometimes the search for ‘Americana’ needs to take people out of the city. And although I love the 4th of July celebrations and fire works display of New York City, to find a unique slice of America, that apple pie making corner, I believe (at times) one must venture to the countryside.

Thankfully from New York City, one doesn’t need to travel far. Upstate still sparkles with colonial towns, New England hamlets seem to sip independence focused microbrews and some Pennsylvania small towns still provide the feeling the Liberty Bell rang (and cracked) to create. America is out there when you look, and one weekend I found it.

USA Flag flying at the Benton, PA Rodeo

a look at Americana

In somewhere, PA (Benton) a few miles from a family hunting cabin, a rodeo comes to town each and every summer.  Here people ride bulls and lasso cattle for contest and sport.  Outside the makeshift stadium a near circus complete with games, contests, and classic carnival cuisine delight folks. With long lines for funnel cake and corn dogs, live country music plays to the crowd. And at this moment, I decided to kick back and enjoy the evening parked at picnic table. To sit and absorb the emotion and energy of the evening. To essentially experience (and eat up) that true slice of true Americana I hungered for. I did. Delicious.

During those moments, I noticed the Stars and Stripes waving in the sky at sunset on top the rodeo stadium.  I snapped the photo.  To me, I captured the apple pie piece of the American engine. Timeless in its own way, I wanted to share with you this special Sunset Sunday for my country.

So this,  4th of July Sunday, everyone have a great Sunset Sunday wherever you are. And I’d like to wish a special Happy Birthday to America. As a country, please continue to move forward and stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Melissa Morris

    you’re right…this is a true “slice” of life.


  • Maryann

    Today is a celebration of our country and the freedoms we enjoy. It is good to know that everyone is celebrating in their own way.

    • stayadventurous

      yes, everyone in their own way…that is the essence of America, the fabric that woven together makes our flag fly…

      stay adventurous,

  • Emjay

    You can’t beat rural PA for church picnics, July 4th Parades, and plain old flag waiving!
    Thanks for the reminder, Craig.

  • Marty Milligan

    Hello Craig,

    Just read your post about 4th of July in Benton, PA. Couldn’t agree more! Pat + I spend our summers in a small town just North of Benton, Eagles Mere, PA. If you are back in the area, stop in an say hello in “the town that time forgot.”

    Marty + Pat (from the Blue Train)

    • stayadventurous

      Great to hear from you. I’ll need to stop by and visit Eagle Mere the next time I am in the area…

      Also, stay tuned for stories about the Blue Train.

      stay adventurous, Craig