Paragliding at Sunset over Pavana Lake in Kamshet, Maharashtra, India

When I  was learning the art of paragliding in the quaint town of Kamshet, Maharashtra in India there was a special place where you can fly over Pavana Lake (pavana means wind in Hindi).  Flights here allow you to enjoy this special place of curious rock formations and glorious views, and also provide a spectacular sunset.
sunset in Kamshet, Maharashtra, India via Ankit Jaini

Sunset in Kamshet, Maharashtra, India

I had just finished my first 1-hour solo flying session and had climbed all the way up the hill again for my final flight that day. My friend was still in the air and as I looked up at the setting sun on the left and him flying on the right, I felt a unique sense of being one with everything around me. The colors of the sky turned from azure blue to sparkling golden to hues of purple in a matter of minutes as the sun’s rays danced around. Moments like these which remind me why I love the outdoors so much.

Kamshet is around 3 hours driving distance from the main city of Mumbai in western India. The town is little known but is a hub of paragliding activity and one of the best places to learn. Although Mumbai has its fair share of beaches and sunsets, Kamshet may just be the place where you’d want to come for one of the best camping spots to see the sun set


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