Sunset Sunday – Estrella del Mar, Mazatlán

my original plan for the sunset.

After a few hours relaxing in the sun, I received a phone call poolside. It felt like a 1960s film as the attendant asked, “Sir, are you Craig Zabransky?” and then upon my acknowledgement they told me, “You have a phone call.”

Apparently, they’d tried my room a few times, but with perfect weather and such splendid surroundings nearly all to myself, I wasn’t there. I was poolside. I was enjoying the property. I was where a guest would be. But as a special guest, I expected to be contacted to see the property.

On the call, I told the manager all I wanted was to make sure I viewed the sunset. I wanted to bookend my  Mazatlán trip, a Welcome to Mexico Sunset and now a good-bye Mazatlán Sunset.

He told me, no problem, we’d have a Margarita at the clubhouse to end the day and the tour. Sounded great.

The property ownership and resort community includes one of the top golf courses in Mazatlán, it’s own purified water treatment plant, and a turtle release program. I stayed at the Las Villas hotel, but a vacationer can also rent condominiums if desired. The resort is only 10 minutes from the airport and a gated community on to itself.

sunset at the Estrella del Mar in Mazatlan, Mexico

the view from the clubhouse at sunset

After my tour, and the sizable sunset margarita I returned to the clubhouse for dinner. There, I met the owner and we chatted over a late night tequila. We discussed the joys of the sunset on the Pacific coast, the current climate for travel and tourism in Mexico, and also our deeper appreciation for the country both of us seem to think of as our second home. It was a pleasurable evening.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

This post is part of the Mexican March Madness 2011 series, and also, a special thanks to Estrella del Mar for being such gracious hosts.


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  • Charu

    Lovely sunset Craig. You know on Sundays at sunset I think of your posts and pictures — very inspiring. Have a wonderful week ahead!