The Perfect Place to Daydream, Riviera Maya.

Often times, when in Mexico conversation commences about other Mexican destinations. Comparisons – yes, but also (and mostly) about how we all appreciate the country, the culture and the cuisine.

I found myself talking about the Riviera Maya yesterday, and as much as I enjoy the adventure of exploring the cenotes, discovering my senses, eating the tacos in Playa del Carmen, or watching a sunset in Tulum, sometimes, everyone needs a day off. A day to relax; a day to recharge. A day designed to do nothing. And when staying at the eco-friendly and sustainable Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, I spent one day doing just that.

take a moment to yourself today...

So this weekend, before the big holiday events (it’s Thanksgiving in the US next week) how about taking a moment to yourself. Hopefully you can find a place like this to go. And if you can’t get here physically, well then at least take a moment and go here mentally. You deserve it. Happy Friday.

stay adventurous, Craig

Again, a thank you to Hacienda Tres Rios and Riviera Maya for showing me this wonderful part of Mexico.

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  • Sarah

    Lucky you. I wish I’m there. beautiful beach shot. New York is getting colder and colder. I wish I can fly there right now

    • craig zabransky

      such an amazing place. so blessed to be able to return often…. stayRivMaya, Craig

  • stayadventurous

    well hopefully you can escape and make that wish come true soon… thanks for the comment.

    stay adventurous, Craig